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9 August, 2018, 9:47 PM UTC

Gold mining is a, to be honest, ridiculous feature in this game.

It looks like an old relic from the first beta version of the game that since has been ignored, forgotten and perhaps even regretted from the powers that be. But none now live who remember it.

It does have a potential if improved.

Though gold is acquired trough purchases and events, it would be nice if mining actually had a meaning. Sending enough request packets over the ether to power a small city only to get enough gold to buy a 1 minute boost is a meaningless endeavor.

From one aspect. The level of cash spending on this game varies a lot between players. Some players simply do not have much to spend if any - but, are a crucial part of the game and community. As an example some of my clan members simply does not have the economy to keep buying packs, but they are active and give a lot back in to the community trough game play, chat, helping other etc.

They help keeping the game alive and interesting for all, including us that spend (too much) cash and so on. Enhanced highlights in the aspect of gold yielding would give a lot back in this regard.

But that is only one point.

Yes, we get gold trough events, which is a must - but that does not rectify the gold yielding disaster.

If you managed to improve the gold yielding aspect I believe both cash gamers and others could get more from the game, spend more time, advance the experience, be positive as a whole. Also remember that some players use money when possible. In any case I do not believe many players would spend less if gold yielding was normalized.

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10 August, 2018, 9:05 AM UTC

Dear UVUCA! We appreciate your commitment to the game and your feedback. We will forward your suggestion to our developers and they will definitely consider. Have a good day!

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