Modified boosts ?!

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25 July, 2018, 6:23 PM UTC

Hey all!

I would like to hear your opinion on one of my ideas for the game.

What if Plarium make some "tool", so we can craft our modified boosts.

It would be helpfull, something like:

I have to train troops for 22h but i do not wanna use 24h bcz of 2h gap im gonna throw away, and it is hard to use 8h + 8h + 3h + 1h every time you train troops. 
So we would have "tool" to craft 22h boost out of 24hboost and get 2x1h boost. Or craft 12.5h boost out of 2x8h boost and get 1x3h, 2x15min boost. 

It is just an idea or suggestion but it would help a lot, in training, boosting knowledge, buildings, etc. ... 

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25 July, 2018, 7:16 PM UTC

A novel idea but not worth the trouble from either perspective. You'll learn shortcuts (train 5646 troops instead of 5980) to save yourself the inconvenience of clicking on multiple different boosts. There are several boosts/manipulations that would make this impractical, sorry.

Carry on and have fun!

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26 July, 2018, 10:21 PM UTC
Yes that is what I do ... figure how many troops I need to train to get to an even number boost ... 3 day or 1 day or 15 hour or 8 hour ... and then train batches of that size so I can just go go go when I'm training.
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27 July, 2018, 1:10 AM UTC

I get the impression you like to work in round figures .

However here is another alternative.

Use the slide bar till it hits the level of the boost you have, or what you want to use. You can always train more troops later on.

Though more troublesome a variation on this is:

You wait  a required amount of time at the beginning or end of training to accommodate needs before engaging the boost.

I hate to waste time boosts too, especially on tasks, where its more problematic to work things out.The numbers vary so much and are not exact.

The same also applies to research and buildings, and its even more difficut when you get the 10%extra time  bonus or use the other kind of boosts as well.

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