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Battles in Helheim

Battles in Helheim

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Battles in Helheim

When exploring the Catacombs of Helheim, you will probably encounter dangerous creatures that you will have to fight. This guide will tell you how to tackle these foes!

Opponent types

There are two types of evil beings:

Warriors of Gloom – common warriors in Hel's army

Creatures of Gloom – powerful dungeon bosses

You can easily identify which of these you are dealing with by looking at the background and character's color. Green is used for common Warriors of Gloom, while blue means that you need to prepare to battle a Creature of Gloom.

Opponent strength

Be careful and always pay attention to the enemy's level – the higher the level, the stronger the opponent in front of you.

The level is displayed on the bar next to the health bar. Low-level Warriors of Gloom are marked with a gray bar. Mid-level Warriors are marked with a green bar, while high-level Warriors are marked with a blue bar. As for Creatures of Gloom, their level bars are always red.

How battles play out

If you encounter an enemy on your journey, the battle starts instantly. During the fight, the Champion and their opponent take turns selecting which zone to attack and which to defend.

The battle can take place in two modes:

  1. Manual – you select the attack and defense zones yourself
  2. Auto battle – the zones are selected automatically and randomly 

There are a total of five zones to attack and defend: head, chest, arms, stomach, and legs. By default, in one turn, you can attack and defend one zone only, but you can increase this number by using bonuses and Champion's equipment.

Be careful! In manual mode, a certain amount of time is allotted for selecting the zones to attack and defend. If you don't select the zones or don't hit the "Battle" button before this time expires, the Champion will miss a turn. The enemy won't remain idle though!

If during the battle you lose your connection, the game will automatically try to restore it and reconnect. Battle progress is saved, and when you return to the node, the fight will continue from the moment it was interrupted. 

So what are the possible outcomes of an encounter with Gloom? There are three possibilities.

Defeat. If the enemy turns out to be stronger and reduces the Champion's health points to zero, you leave the Catacombs and all your previous progress exploring the node is lost.

Retreat. If you decide that the enemy is too strong for you, or you just don't want to fight, you can retreat at any moment. This action is counted as a defeat for the Champion, so you leave the Catacombs in this case too, and also lose your node exploration progress.

Victory. If the Champion defeats their enemy and reduces its health points to zero, then congratulations are in order! You receive your well-deserved trophies and are free to proceed to explore the Catacombs further. You can get Champion's experience and various items as a reward for victory.

Jan 16, 2021, 15:4601/16/21

how can the champion get more health after numerous battles.  I dont have enough LIFE  to go into more battles.

Jan 16, 2021, 17:2201/16/21
Jan 16, 2021, 17:26(edited)

I haven't been playing Helheim since the update,nor for a few days beforehand,but it was fine for me then.

 When you say life, what exactly do you mean?

Everytime you play a new node,or the node you just lost in,its like you never played at all,and the champion starts of with everything full.

If you mean you have used up all your marks of resolve,and cannot enter the game,you will have to wait for the free ones they give you each day,win some,or buy some from the bank. 

Jan 19, 2021, 16:2201/19/21

There are several kinds of special gear - I have two - Beowulf's Headband and Beowulf's boots - but I have no idea where/when I got them, or how to get others.

Does anyone know?

Jan 25, 2021, 16:2901/25/21

There are more Beowulf's gear. For instance a shield and a sword, but they are given at random and some gear is very rare, so your chance to "find" it is rather small. nevertheless, this gear is not needed to finish the game and often in the end game floor 10 node 7 you will not even use them. So do not worry, just make the standard gear in the workshop and saveall the materials to make your gear.

Jan 26, 2021, 10:4401/26/21

Does anyone know if you can get Beowulf by doing auto-mode or you have to manually play?

Jan 26, 2021, 14:1501/26/21
Sibl - Army

Does anyone know if you can get Beowulf by doing auto-mode or you have to manually play?

Hello! Beowolf's equipment can't be obtained during autorun. 

Jan 26, 2021, 14:4601/26/21
Jan 26, 2021, 14:57(edited)

Well thats a surprise you got an official answer,which is pertinant to what my original thought on your question was. 

I was going to ask ,did you mean auto battle v manual battle, or auto mode v auto battle/manual battle, after you 3 starred  the node? 

I think Ivar may have answered the latter and not the former.

I had been meaning to say that it ought not matter if you were using auto battle over manual battle and that it might be difficult to get definitive answer on that. 

I am pretty certain, that I got my piece of Beowolf's gear whilst using manual battle,and not auto battle, and that it was before the recent change they made.

Jan 26, 2021, 16:2801/26/21

Thank you for the info @Ivar Marksman  , this is exactlly what I wanted to know, cheers!

@ANYONE I can confirm you can get Beowulf piece if you do Auto Battle, but my question was about Auto Run once you have 3 stars. Thanks

Jan 27, 2021, 06:0001/27/21
Sibl - Army

Thank you for the info @Ivar Marksman  , this is exactlly what I wanted to know, cheers!

@ANYONE I can confirm you can get Beowulf piece if you do Auto Battle, but my question was about Auto Run once you have 3 stars. Thanks

Have a nice day! 🤗

Jan 31, 2021, 02:4001/31/21

I recieved Beowulf's gear somewhere between floors 1 through floors 6 on auto with 3 stars. I think it is by chance you recieve Beowulf's champion equipment. This entire feature Helheim, is based on two things with your champion's equipment and the Helheim Forge building. They are the Helheim fire items and the number of marks of resolve you have. In additon, your champions's level may also determine your success in the Catacombs of Helheim.

Feb 15, 2021, 10:2602/15/21

You can undoubtedly distinguish which of these you are managing by taking a gander at the foundation and character's tone. Green is utilized for normal Warriors of Gloom, while blue implies that you need to get ready to fight a Creature of Gloom. spongebob squarepants battle for bikini bottom  

Feb 20, 2021, 21:424 days

he cometido la idiotez de volver a intentarlo.

El resultado, una cabreo del 13, tiempo y dinero desperdiciados. Creo que como todos entro a divertirme no ha que me tomen el pelo. 😫

Quitar esta mierda del juego o buscar la forma que todos podamos conseguirlo de una manera razonable.