Reputes of the Place of Power

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8 August, 2018, 7:35 AM UTC

The right of the Konung is the right of the strongest

The center of each Kingdom is where you can find the Place of Power that all Clans can fight for. The victor's reward will be additional bonuses and the right to assign Reputes.

How to capture the Place of Power

To capture the Place of Power, your Clan needs to occupy it with their troops. This is only possible if the location status is either Open or Siege.

Open status:

You need to fight off enemy attacks for 6 hours, after which the Place of Power status is set to Guarded for 24 hours. The Chief of your Clan is given the title of Konung of the Kingdom (even better if the Chief is you). Every 24 hours the Konung receives 20,000 Prowess Points and the levy from all the Chiefs of the Kingdom, which amounts to 10% of their Silver.

Holding timer:

The Konung also has the power to assign Reputes to any Jarl in the Kingdom. Reputes are active for 3 hours and cannot be canceled or reassigned. Reputes are revoked if the Place of Power changes to Siege status.

Repute types

Power and glory always attract malevolence, and the struggle for the top of the ranking creates mortal enemies. Use Reputes to empower your allies and weaken your enemies. Discuss with your clansmen who will get which.

13 positive Reputes

12 negative Reputes

Get to the top with your Clan and decide the fates of your Kingdom's Jarls!

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