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Interview with top-5 Defense player Суворов (Suvorov)

Interview with top-5 Defense player Суворов (Suvorov)

Sep 15, 2017, 17:1909/15/17

Interview with top-5 Defense player Суворов (Suvorov)

Today we present an interview with Jarl Суворов (Suvorov) who became one of the strongest Vikings of the last week by conquering the top of the Defense ranking. He thinks that individual Jarls are what makes a Clan strong. Let’s get to know him!

⚔ Name: Суворов (Suvorov)

⚔ Clan: Вольные

⚔ Kingdom: Salgerd

⚔ Total time in the game: 9w 1d 1h

⚔ Enemy warriors destroyed: 103,262,135

⚔ What you're proud of: My family.

⚔ Super ability (you would like to have/already have): Gift of prophecy.

⚔ Hobbies: Playing my favorite game — Vikings: War of Clans.

⚔ Likes: Fishing.

⚔ Dislikes: Monotony.

⚔ Vladimir Vysotsky — The Ballad of Childhood.

V — Vikings: War of Clans

С — Суворов

V.: How much time do you spend in the game every day?

С.: 5–7 hours.

V.: Which Clan is the mightiest, in your opinion? Would you challenge them or avoid battles with them?

С.: Interesting question. I think that a Clan is made powerful by individual Jarls!

V.: Can you remember your most difficult confrontation, where there was a fight to the death?

С.: There have been two memorable battles recently. One of them was with Jarl Leo: they killed all my scouts off and lost just as much — we were even! Also, I recently withstood two Onslaughts alone with a 15-second interval and I won!

Warriors of the North, do you improve your defense stats? We’re waiting for your stories in the comments!