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Interview with The Lich King

Interview with The Lich King

Aug 17, 2017, 13:0608/17/17

Interview with The Lich King

Rulers of the northern lands!

Meet The Lich King, who set an incredible record by being the first player to destroy 1 billion enemy troops! We congratulate him on this phenomenal achievement and we're eager to ask him a few questions.

Nickname in the game: The Lich King

Clan: Darkness United

Kingdom: Euinor

Number of enemy troops destroyed: 1,170,143,859.

V — Vikings: War of Clans

T — The Lich King

V.: Hello! Thank you for agreeing to answer our questions. Did you strive to achieve this record or would you say the 1 billion happened on its own?

T.: I suppose that I consciously worked towards the record, since becoming the top killer in Vikings: War of Clans was my main goal in the game. -)

V.: Do you "hunt" only during global Competitions or should your home Kingdom Euinor be afraid of you too?

T.: I've never attacked players from my Kingdom. We have always been at peace, even before the Kingdoms Battle was introduced. -)

V.: Do you often get messages from furious Jarls longing for revenge?

T.: I receive a lot of messages. Recently before global Competitions, players have just been writing that they're going to keep their Shield up for the whole Battle as they don't want to deal with me. -) And after successful attacks, they usually say that it was beautiful or very fast. -)

V.: It takes a lot of time to achieve such a result. How many hours a day do you play Vikings: War of Clans?

T.: In my favorite game, I spend 2–4 hours on average on workdays and 5–7 hours on weekends.

V.: As you're an expert in military tactics, tell us what your main focus is. Do you upgrade offense, health or defense?

T.: To tell the truth, I like to upgrade offense and I always do it first. But I can say for sure that health is more important than other parameters.

V.: What's the next record you've set your sights on?

T.: I've never striven to increase Influence or upgrade parameters. The one thing that is important to me is trying to remain the top killer in the game.

V.: We wish you many new achievements and victories in the thrilling world of Vikings: War of Clans!

T.: Thank you for your wishes and for the excellent game!

Jarls, how many enemy troops have you destroyed throughout your time in the game? Write your results in the comments — let's see who's destroyed more!