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11 September, 2018, 8:45 AM UTC

Skål, Jarls! Today we would like to introduce you to an active user of our community, experienced player, and computer engineer – CRIME.

His real name is Akshay Dodhiwala. He has been playing Vikings: War of Clans for three years. During this time, CRIME has earned the title of Clan Elder and made friends who have become like a second family for him. He always willingly helps clansmen, participates in discussions on the forum, and shares his experience with other players. 

CRIME dreams of making a grand trap in Jotunheim and bringing victory to his Kingdom. 

V - Vikings 


V: Hello, CRIME. Thank you for finding the time to answer our questions. 

Tell us what brought you to the Vikings: War of Clans universe and made you stay. 

C: Hello, Plarium. I'm glad to be asked for this opportunity. I always have time for the game and our community here. I'm also thankful to the developers for considering me for this interview again. 

I am an RTS lover, so I play new RTS and always find pleasure in them. One morning, in May 2015, I saw Vikings, and the reviews were appealing, so I thought of downloading it. 

And I started playing – I made my Clan, but soon I found myself in the Clan of a girl, and she made me an Elder by that time. 

We had many new players, and my Kingdom was young – only made yesterday. Then we all set targets and fought for the Place of Power and held it 7 times in the first 2 weeks. I had known the pattern by that time, but refused to invest like others did in the beginning. 

Then our leader left the game as she was bored, and a new Chief was appointed and we were at war with Russians. By that time, they ruled the Kingdom as they invested a lot, and we grew gradually – I made a few other accounts and jumped to older Kingdoms to learn craft and then practice new stuff. I succeeded in it and was highly praised. In Kingdom 229, we became family and we are all still together, happily sending troops to Valhalla. 

V: In Vikings: War of Clans, team play is very important. How are things in your Clan? Do you have any interesting or funny stories that you would like to tell us? 

C: In my Clan, I am one of the Elders (I recently dropped to Warlord due to vacations). 

Our Chief is a good planner and players like MORADA and E-Kill always stay silent (biggies in experience and Influence). They kill silently but lethally, we as a Clan always achieve what we want and have faced defeats when we were not organized. Since then, we've learnt that team playing is a must and we have been victorious many times. 

Once we were not ready for an Onslaught and we were not winning that event. The Chief got up and asked for participants, a few were not online and then we contacted them. We set up the Onslaught with almost 7M troops and were ready to defend. 

At the last minute of boost expiration, one player saw a march coming and we took the hit badly. Our troops returned, and we all without seeing results were angry at each other as we were thrown out of the game. Then another Elder posted screenshots and we saw that we lost 80% troops and the enemy lost 70% of theirs, though we won because they lost higher level troops and we were saved by meat shields. Grinning, we all slept that night. 

V: You are an active user and often help other Jarls with advice on our forum. We really appreciate it. 

Do you find such altruism difficult or have found your calling in doing so, perhaps? 

C: Thank you for your appreciation. Yes, I do love helping others, making this game easy to play and promoting teamwork with techniques to make it more effective. Being a computer engineer, it is in my head to always find some patterns among things and I do it, which results in easy ways to play for others. Yes, I have been doing it for a long time and will keep doing it. 

V: As they say, no good deed goes unpunished. Are there instances when you are criticized for your actions? How do you generally feel about criticism? 

C: Sometimes I may be wrong about something or it may be my assumptions which are often criticized, but I find that criticism as my lessons. But sometimes I just get dragged into silly matters which I don't have a part in. I learn from them, I work on them and then edit my views according to them. In the beginning I was offended, but as I grew, I came to understand and that helps me a lot these days. Even in life, as well as in the game life. 

V: They say that in life you need to experience everything. Is there anything extreme that you would like to try? 

C: Yes, I would love to have 10M T6s and 70M other tier troops and then stay without shield an entire Competition. That and win Jotunheim for my Kingdom. 

V: What three things would you add to the game? 

C: 1. Regular super packs (it will increase your income in return. Think about it) 

2. Gift sending option 

3. Reasonable prices for Knowledge in newly added ones (too long and too expensive for everyone) 

V: Do you have a favorite type of troop, Invader, or Competition? 

C: Favourite troops – killers and cavalry 

Favourite Invader – Uber Invaders (all of them) 

Favourite Competition – CVC and Jotunheim ones 

V: Is there anything else you would like to share with us that we haven't asked? 

C: Keep this game for every class to play. Give surprises more often to players. Keep boosting them and you will see your income increase by many folds. But first: please remove these BOT messages that we often see in a few languages, making players think about hacks. Though I know it's a third party app, but still, remove them from games and ban those who use them. They say in investment language, "Give more and freely, it will return exponentially." 

V: Thank you for your answers. We wish you the best of luck and have fun gaming! 

C: It was a pleasant experience for me, too. Thank you and I wish you luck also with games. Keep our data safe. ;) 

Jarls, what ambitious plans would you like to realize in the game? We're waiting for your answers under this post. 

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13 September, 2018, 10:23 AM UTC
Nice interview and great to see another community member interviewed.  Ambitious plans ... getting our kingdom to work together would be nice ... and yea I would like to get to the point to be able to walk around unshielded (without having to put my troops in other towns ... lol).
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16 September, 2018, 11:46 AM UTC
CIM said:

Nice interview and great to see another community member interviewed.  Ambitious plans ... getting our kingdom to work together would be nice ... and yea I would like to get to the point to be able to walk around unshielded (without having to put my troops in other towns ... lol).
Trying to do that CIM. Yet many obstacles in the form of bullies are there
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16 September, 2018, 5:09 PM UTC

Nice interview

Hope you get your competition with out shield and that we meet you then, (or perhaps not), lol.

Fight competitions are more fun then Bob The Builder anyway

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