KVK and Gifts of the Gods unfair advantage to enemy kingdom.

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9 February, 2018, 11:01 PM UTC
I think we need more than a day or two between the battles. Especially since our kingdom won a revenge battle but now with the current kvk, the other kingdom is benefiting from OUR Gifts from the Gods.  They are winning this battle because there is NO incentive to collect or resurrect troops in our own kingdom just int he enemy one.  They they are collecting double one is.  They get the points AND the level 7 rss that we either collect from and not get points and then they can tile us while collecting what IS ours.  At least make it so that the invading kingdom cannot collect from OUR other kvk rss winnings.
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10 February, 2018, 5:22 AM UTC
Yes that is a "problem" ... a bit of the same problem for cvc (except you can at least farm your own t7s except you get half the points the enemy clan gets) ... you can easy lose a kvk because you won the last kvk revenge and now the enemy takes advantage of your t7 ... best strategy is to be attacking the enemy kingdom on tile as they farm your t7s ...
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11 February, 2018, 6:18 PM UTC

Yes this is in deed unfortunate.

However look at it this way.

During KvK.R there are 4 possible outcomes  for  your own kingdom, and your next  CvC opponents Kingdom 

#1 You  both win KvK.R....   No disadvantage to either side. 

#2 You both loose.                 No disadvantage .

#3 You loose KvK , they win.  Advantage to you.

#4 You win they loose.           Advantage to them.

So from a mathematical point of view , its only bad 25% of the time. 


On a similar footing with regards restricting the access to level 7 tiles as suggested by the poster.

I would like to see L7 tiles restricted, in the same way as Gold of the Gods tiles are, as was stated  in the text ( but is it out of date?) 

I  would also like to see the same kind of distribution of Level 7 tiles as you get with Gold of the Gods, to give lower level players  throughout the Kingdom  a  chance of  getting an equitable share of the win. 

After the competition  closes, there would have to be some kind of device in operation to stop the strong players porting around, away from the spot they were in, or return to,or its general locale, in order to  take advantage of a kingdom wide distribution of L7 tiles 

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22 September, 2018, 10:41 PM UTC
I believe we have less participation and are losing players now because there is no time in between events to recuperate sometimes all i do is check shield and its not fair to members who spend 3 or 4 or moor hours a day trying to score points in this events PLARIUM YOUR GREED IS RUINING THIS FOR MOOR THAN JUST ME
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23 September, 2018, 12:09 AM UTC

Though it could be one of many reasons players are quitting.

As I have written elsewhere, there is no compulsion to take part in the competitions.

Problem solved.????

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