Training Troops Boosts are way off

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7 April, 2017, 2:05 PM UTC

If I Equip 2 Lions Lockets Legendary(18 + 18  = 36 percent Training speed boost) 

So Tell me why if i take off the lion lockets and use the Training speed up of 20 Percent, i get a better benefit. ( Troops take less time to rain than if I had the 36 Percent Percent Bonus from the 2 Lion Lockets.

When did 20  percent = better than 36 Percent?   Whats broke?
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7 April, 2017, 2:32 PM UTC

Mate, can you add screenshots? It would be better to understand.

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8 April, 2017, 4:24 AM UTC

1) Scenario: 1 I equip the 2 lion lockets which = 36 percent   No training boost activates  Training time for a unit is 6 seconds.

2) Scenario 2 I took the lockets off.  So there is no boosts on the hero now.  I activate a 20 percent boost for 1 hour.  Training tine is 4 seconds.

In theory you have more training improvement with both lockets equipped than you would a scroll of 20 percent.

I tested this to see IF i would continue to need scrolls or would the improvement from the lockets would be enough.

I did not figure either the value for the lockets is not computed right or the training boost for 20 percent 1 hour is actually giving more like 40 percent boost vs 20.

So which is it?  The computation is wrong somwhere.

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