-ANDROID- Update crash -How to fix-

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31 January, 2017, 4:48 AM UTC
I've read all the problems of players after the update,I got a problem too.If you having the same problems like this:

1.Black screen


3.Unloaded town buildings

4.Force close

5.Connection Timed Out

6.And many more..

You can try this tips:

1.Clear the cache of the game (with data)

2.And re-open the game

3.If the town buildings is unloaded you have to wat for several minutes,so this is normal


1.Clear the google play store data and cache

2.Uninstall  the game

3.Install it from Play store

4.Restart your phone

5.Open the game 

(That's works on my phone)

I hope this thread is useful for those who got the same problems
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