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Update: achievements, rankings, VIP levels, Troop Sets, and more.

Update: achievements, rankings, VIP levels, Troop Sets, and more.

Apr 14, 2020, 22:1504/14/20
Apr 14, 2020, 22:18(edited)

minou13 said:

you removed the vip level thats so stupid how can a hunter see if there dead or not :( you kild the game for hunters its a fight game now we have no controle to see who's playing or not on a easy way you fuckt it up for the hunters :(

      GOOD !!  I am ecstatic about that !  Now if I drop my shield to be attacked with my VIP activated, no one will know what level I am at.  Great strategic move there !!   Don't change it !!


Apr 15, 2020, 13:3904/15/20

Are studies missing?

Is there a new innovation?

Apr 20, 2020, 19:4904/20/20

New problem with Pioneer achievement. Some people created accounts lv 1 just to block all Pioneer location, like it's the case in 304 kingdom.

What can be done to kick these kind of players ?

Apr 21, 2020, 02:2404/21/20
Apr 21, 2020, 02:25(edited)

Probably nothing, as they haven't broken any rules as far as I can tell.

There are always those willing to do all they can to get ahead of the rest.

As it turns out ,perhaps a good idea ruined by not thinking and thwarting in advance.

Apr 21, 2020, 08:4104/21/20

Nidögg said:

New problem with Pioneer achievement. Some people created accounts lv 1 just to block all Pioneer location, like it's the case in 304 kingdom.

What can be done to kick these kind of players ?


Hello, Nidögg!

If you want to move your Town to this specific location you can try to do the following:

  1. Build the Clan's Stronghold and exile the Town of the player using the Supreme Thing.
  2. Move your Town to these coordinates during the global Competitions while being in other Kingdoms.
  3. Contact the player using the in-game mail.

If you notice that such players violate the Terms of Use, please let us know and send screenshots where the violation would be visible so we could investigate it.

Have a nice day!

Apr 23, 2020, 12:1004/23/20

I have problem with new VIP levels. When I use multiple tasks, it doesn't count in daily quests.

For example, I need 130 epic tasks, click 4x100 clan tasks and still 0/130 epic tasks.
Apr 23, 2020, 13:1404/23/20
Apr 23, 2020, 13:18(edited)
I see what you are saying, and though it seems unlikely that you wouldn't get any epic tasks at all,there is no guarantee that clicking refresh 100 tasks singly, or even 4 x 100 ,will furnish any epic tasks, let alone 130 of them. 
Apr 27, 2020, 07:2604/27/20
What have you done to energy and power production? My energy and power top end numbers are about 3000 less than they have been and they no longer produce. For example; let`s say my hero produced 6500 energy in 18 hours. That number is now 3300 energy. But the energy is not being produced anyway. If I leave 29 units of energy in my hero when I quit for the day. I come back next day and still 29 units of energy.  Please fix this. Many times I am in a hurry so I sign on just to send out the hero to attack the  invader with maximum energy that has been accruing overnight. Now I am finding that the energy has not been produced overnight.
Apr 27, 2020, 17:1004/27/20
I have a simple solution to  clans hogging the pioneer achievement squares. Why don`t you just change the location of the squares periodically.  Maybe once a week or every two weeks. That would stop the building of strongholds around the squares just to control them.
Apr 27, 2020, 17:5504/27/20

Would doing this cause more programming  problems?

Also  given how expensive it is, relatively speaking, how is moving them going to stop them building even more strongholds, as the big players already have?
Apr 30, 2020, 16:3104/30/20
Apr 30, 2020, 16:31(edited)

Those achievements attract trolls instead of players, perfect way to ruin a game imo.

I do like the fact that my vip lvl is no longer showing on the map, I even stopped using common chat to prevent players from seeing it, my killbox became a honeypot this way, good kills. 

I have no problem with troop sets, it is quicker for me since I only use 1 tier of troops. 

Having said all that, Pullarmium are a bunch of money grabbers. Why don't you fix the game with our money instead of creating new ways to bancrupt players? 
May 14, 2020, 14:2405/14/20
May 14, 2020, 14:25(edited)

anyone know something about white wolf achiev?

why is that achiev so unclear ? not good
May 14, 2020, 16:1605/14/20

There has been a lot of ideas about how to get this white wolf, a lot have been bogus, and players have just gone along with the accuracy of the idea no matter how ridiculous it sounded,and tried it and failed.

Part of the problem is that whilst playing the game and doing many things, players unlock the white wolf, but do not know exactly how, because by the time the award appears, players do not remember exactly what they did and when.

The latest theory may in deed even prove to be the correct one.

However,will unlocking level 2 be as difficult to find?

Will it just follow some sequence like the rest? 

May 15, 2020, 12:0305/15/20
so what is the latest theory about wite wolf? 
Jul 8, 2020, 15:2307/08/20
I sat on pioneer lvl 6 in our enemy kingdom because someone has ours blocked until 2021.  PLARIUM DID NOT GIVE ME THE ACHIEVEMENT.  They are making up excuses that I didn't fulfill the requirements.  Again, this game is a fraud, empty promises, excuses, same ole BS every time their game messes up.  
Jul 9, 2020, 08:2607/09/20

Epsilon3 said:

You might find this is because they fiddled with the achievements  in the last update, which makes it  even more  difficult for the normal player to get them.

You now have to be palace 32 to get pioneer 6, and the earlier  ones have increased requirement  levels as well, as do many of the others.

Where did you read this? I've noticed that I couldn't get p4 but my palace is only level 29.

I think this might be the case

30 is for p4

31 is for p5

32 for p6

33 for p7

34 for p8

35 for p9 (If it even exists)

Jul 19, 2020, 01:5607/19/20
Jul 19, 2020, 01:57(edited)

Well that is  all and well good but as for me I have spent last dime in this game until pioneer issue is resolved 

Talk about unfair now that spots are all blocked so much for new people again you do  what you  want as for me my wallet is now closed to plarium .

I work  to hard for it unlike a gambling casino
Aug 21, 2020, 21:1408/21/20

This game is getting so lame, slow and expensive! 

The Hero and the Shaman now look like fat haystacks wearing Mrs. Buttersworth masks and the town

 looks like a black blob lit up with blue lights. Come on, it's ridiculous and not even fun anymore!