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Crossword of the North

Crossword of the North

Feb 6, 2020, 15:3102/06/20

Crossword of the North

Jarls, how well do you know your game terms in Vikings: War of Clans? Test your knowledge by doing this puzzle.


1. A valuable alloy of copper and other metals

5. A building in a Jarl's Town

6. The Aes of the Element of Fire

7. An Uber Invader

9. One of the melee warriors

10. An alliance of brothers-in-arms

11. Ancient manuscripts

14. A piece of mined metal in its pure form

15. Transformed Lumber

17. The Big Shaman


2. The Shaman with bonuses for Onslaught

3. A kind of attack

4. One of the nine worlds

8. The Eastern Invader

10. A group of vehicles that travel together, especially for protection

12. The place where equipment is crafted

13. Town's appearance

16. A valuable resource in the Clan Stronghold

Feb 11, 2020, 14:3202/11/20
I really like crossword puzzles ... I was on a trip when this came out and when I am on a trip the forum is not my top priority ... I was surprised when I came back no one responded ... it did take me an hour or so ... but I think I have it correct ... mainly I think so because there are "checks" to complete the crossword ... a few gave me a bit of a problem ...

1) bronze

2) raine

3) onslaught

4) jotunheim

5) palace

6) tyr

7) pict

8) saracen

9)  jomsviking

10) convoy

11) scrolls

12) forge

13) skin

14) nugget

15) timber

16) thoriars

17) baggi

Feb 11, 2020, 20:0502/11/20
Is it perhaps because no prizes are indicated that there has been little interest in the recent puzzles?