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Update: secret Knowledge, changes in the mechanics of Towers of Fury, festive Town Skin, and more

Update: secret Knowledge, changes in the mechanics of Towers of Fury, festive Town Skin, and more

Dec 27, 2019, 01:2812/27/19
Charge back what you have paid.   I did, got everything back.   
Jan 18, 2020, 14:1801/18/20

moderator can u check. i just realized that the soul shards i got from my last 2 battles is not as many as it's written in the battle report (defending PoP)

Jan 19, 2020, 19:1201/19/20

Han said:

moderator can u check. i just realized that the soul shards i got from my last 2 battles is not as many as it's written in the battle report (defending PoP)


Hello, Han!

Send me, please, your game ID and the screenshots of these battle reports. You can find your game ID in the game in "Menu" then "About the game". 
Waiting for your message!

Apr 14, 2020, 22:4404/14/20
Apr 14, 2020, 23:11(edited)

Lentini said:


I would like to inform you that one of the recent additions to the game has totally ruined the game for me and many other people I spoke with, and I am seriously considering to quit the game for good. For starters, I will not buy any more packs until I decide if I quit the game or not, and if this addition is not removed, I will lose my interest i the game.

What I am complaining about is the Stronghold Siege feature, which allows big clans to receive huge attacks on their stronghold on demand from computer generated troops. This is a very stupid pve game feature that completely ruins the pvp part of the game. Fighting troops, getting kills and earning soul shards should have never been mixed with pve. It has always been the pvp feature of the game, when you used your troops ONLY against other players. You could not get kills and shards by not fighting other playes.

With this stupid SH siege feature, big clans can get predictable fights on demand that they can set themselves to win and earn huge amounts of kills and shards. They don’t need to risk fighting other players when they can simply reinforce their SH and get some 100% safe kills of high value troops.

The current kvk event turned into a total disaster when the opponent kingdom decided to score a few trillion points by killing comouter generated troops on demand at their SH. While they lost the first stage because they were outsmarted in the pvp fight with traps and skilled attackers, they won the second and third stages by simply killing pve troops.

There was no need for them to engage us anymore, no need to risk attacking a trap, because they could score huge points and shards on demand and risk free on their SH. Was it not for the SH siege, they would have turned desperate and frustrated and would have been forced to take risky bets against traps, making the kvk fun and giving a chance even to kingdoms with less big players. Now it is only a thing of big numbers, when 50 big players form a big clan, fill the SH with troops and order some attacks to get their kills and shards. No skill, no tactic, no risk, no fun.

Why would I continue to play this game when the pvp has become meaningless. A player can be part of a big clan and get millions of kills and soul shards without ever fighting another player. All he needs to do is to send his troops during SH siege and get his rewards on demand.

The game was fun because of the pvp. Those who wanted to play against the computer could farm invaders and ghosts, or farm for resources. Why do they get to have kills and soul shards now? What is it left for pvp players now?

The whole idea of pvp with traps and a game of nerves and frustration is dead now. Big noobs no longer have to worry about being unable to get kills, which was causing them to make mistakes and create opportunities for smarter or more patient players. Now they get big predictable fights on demand to have as many kills as they need, whenever they need it.

Also, now with the new Knowledge that requires Soul Shards, the big clans will get their shards by killing computer generated troops, while the rest of us will have to work hard to get a few shards from real pvp fights. Disgusting.

Please remove the Stronghold Siege feature from the game, or you will watch pvp die slowly, and with it most of your players.

You do realize that you can attack their stronghold during a siege status right ?  Read the game play section concerning siege of the stronghold and note :  "If the troops led by jötunns attack the Stronghold, the march block in the tab is outlined with a yellow border. If the enemy Jarls attack, it is outlined with a red border."   Keep it going Plarium !

UVUCA........woof !   I got a thing for women with dark hair and green eyes. 

Apr 15, 2020, 16:3104/15/20
Looks green to me on my computer.  Hey, the elf ears are cute and who's paying attention to the ears ?  This dragon got morphing capabilities !  Yeah, I know it's a drawing.  
Jun 28, 2020, 15:2606/28/20
I know this is an old post, but I like the SH siege. It's almost impossible to get decent amounts of shards these days as 99% of players wont fight for fear of losing cvc catagories & jot doesn't come around often enough