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A little announcement about upcoming features

A little announcement about upcoming features

Oct 14, 2019, 23:0610/14/19

Oh yeah, I remember another thing that can be adjusted.. the March colors over Clan members, your self and Others. It would be cool being able to edit the March colors under settings, or even if it’s set already at least make the March color different from your team to other players makes it easier to see as well. For ex: for your own will be green, teammates will be blue and others will be red. It would be cool and good for everyone especially ones with bad eyes sight.

Oct 15, 2019, 00:1510/15/19

The main problem with this cool idea of yours is at least twofold, we already got used to things the way they are, and if they did introduce it, and it  was customised to choice, it wouldnt just be available for you, but every other player as well, and they might prefer a different color arrangment.

How cool would it be then?

A big problem with customizing to choice for evey player on every cool idea would probably be more trouble than its worth for everyone concerned.

Probably all a lot of players want to do is attack and see a town in flames, and I think if they gave everyone everything in the game as soon as they were registered, so they could do this,it would soon get as boring as H**L.

Oct 16, 2019, 04:3210/16/19

Just a comment regarding point 1 - it would definitely be great to overhaul the way checkpoints are calculated for events.  Hopefully they will be scaled to the clan size to give us some incentive to push for the next checkpoint.  

It would also be fabulous if some better scaling could be applied to the personal daily/weekly/monthly quests.  Some of these are pretty much impossible to achieve for a mid-20's level keep - e.g. weekly quest take health percent from level 4 ghosts ( 29,000%).  Assuming a level 24 keep has managed to unlock level 4 ghosts, it takes a ballpark 50k shaman experience to kill one in about 20 attacks (19 hits to max. shaman damage then a kill hit). Even with the ghost 1 tile away, this will take about 5 minutes.  If the shaman has a longer distance to walk, this could easily take 10 minutes or more per ghost killed.  Multiply that by 290 kills gives about 15 hours of game time, let alone the millions of shaman energy required for what may only be a reward of 20 x 2k energy packs and a few odd bits and pieces.

Oct 16, 2019, 07:0510/16/19
yes cant log in ive been locked out for 6 hours now,others probably longer.fix the issues you have and make no further additions to the game until you get whats here already running correctly and 100% log in success for at least 6 months.if you have plans within the next 6 months to add more stuff i suggest you forget them and make it 7 months from now.I thing i learnt a long time ago when your in business or working for someone DO IT ONCE DO IT RIGHT. you have done it many many times and still cant get it right.not good enough.your work ethics are a disgrace.does anyone take pride in doing a good job any more or you lot just want our money and make things look better to make players pay more.guess what if you get nothing but problems with a product customers look else where to spend their money.i think we as players need to get on facebook and boycott any spending on this game.
Oct 16, 2019, 07:2310/16/19

The game has not worked for hours. Why do not they manage to get the game up and running? There are players who spend money on the game and they can not get the server up and running. That's a shame. The game always loads up to 60 and then you fly out even though you were not in the game.