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Update: Quests, boosts, mini-map, and much more

Update: Quests, boosts, mini-map, and much more

Aug 1, 2019, 21:5308/01/19

So close to quitting, saved a bit of cash for when I hit mega packs... now this has dropped, £19.00 a month to have a chance of a few items, that your going to have to spend a fortune to stand a chance of completing 9/10 quests to hit the legendary coffer.

Makes me sick, such a good game and your greed is killing it, shouldn't expect any less from a game owned by a gambling company.

Before making anymore updates try playing your own going of £10 a month budget (average mmo subscription) and see what can be added to help make the game fun.

"You can sheer a sheep many times but skin it only once" right now you're trying to fleece your loyal fan base, and not improve it to widen the player base.

Aug 1, 2019, 22:3908/01/19
Alice Vytsenets said:


• New Quests

From now on, the Quests window has three additional tabs with daily, weekly, and monthly Quests. Complete them to earn special points and receive unique Coffers of items as rewards.

• Troop Enlargement in Onslaught boost

Your troop headcount in an Onslaught will be increased by 150, 250, or 350% for 10 minutes. Activate the boost before sending a troop on an Onslaught.

Added upon players' requests:

• Mini-map

The mini-map is a special mode of the Global Map that will help you find your clanmates' and your enemies' Towns, Fortresses, and other important locations faster.

• Changes in the Place of Power

Now the Siege status of the Kingdom's central Fortress lasts 3 hours instead of 6. There are also some changes related to the Reputes assigned by the Konung and the Clan Elders. It is now possible to select the duration of a Repute – 15 minutes, 1 hour, or 3 hours.


• A limit on the maximum number of warriors in Fortresses has been added.

• There's now an additional condition for use of the Novice's Relocation item. It can only be used for 14 days from the moment you start playing. This item cannot also be applied after your Palace is level 6 or higher.


• The error where military boosts were working incorrectly in battles for Fortresses.

Increase your troops' might and conquer new lands! Discuss the update in the comments.

Aug 3, 2019, 15:1908/03/19
Lord Doci said:

Lord Doci said:

All sounds good, nice to have an update where we do not have to upgrade or buy anything.
maybe i spoke to soon, Join The Northern Brotherhood 

Aug 4, 2019, 02:4408/04/19
Do the changes to novice relocation effect old ones? There was no change to the information the item gives in game. Ones that are older than 14 days still seem usable, although we haven't tested that yet. Is it after 14 days from the patch all old ones will suddenly become unusable with no warning within the game?
Aug 4, 2019, 05:4808/04/19

First, a few technical remarks regarding recent update:

- In first 24-48 hours after update I had a lot of errors, needed to reconnect or reload browser window or restart browser to continue playing. When things got really bad, I changed browser, to eliminate possible cache problems, which eliminated part of problems, but not all.

- Fun was when blue indicator while loading page was shown on left side of screen, and percentage was shown on right side (instead of in middle of the page, as usual). I saw that at least 20 times, I had faint idea to make a screenshot, but I knew it will vanish eventually (which it did), but that behavior lasted surprisingly long, at least 24 hours.

I know that new content means possible heavier load on servers, because all players need to get a new content, but essentially - CDN's should serve for that, not app servers, so I don't understand why there was so much errors.

Now, some 72 hours later, it is again working as it should. I know that updates with this kind of game, having rich client are bound to be a little "bumpy", but I would suggest that before next update you do a bit more of testing and/or troubleshooting.

I know that you want to push new content to players ASAP, but please try to balance quality (continuity) of high player experience with fast updates. Yes, new content is needed to keep the players occupied, but have in mind - game that does not work is as much disappointing as old game.

Secondly, remark or two regarding added content:

I won't complain about ratio of gains vs gameplay needed to get the goods. That's your prerogative to set it as high, or as low as you see fit.

But, a bit of imbalance in daily tasks is evident:

- on first day I managed to get 100 points of daily tasks, not easy, but it was attainable.

- on 2nd day I did NOT manage to get 100 points of daily tasks, it was simply not attainable, not without spending more than 100 $$ in one day.

- this day (3rd) I'll do all tasks, I'm currently on 75 points and I see that I'll finish this easily.

I do not know how you are choosing tasks, but your algorithm on 2nd day was a way off. On first day I needed to hunt lvl 1 invaders, ond second lvl 4 ghosts, now again lvl 1 invaders. WTF?

To my knowledge, invaders are cheaper than ghosts, so lvl 4 Ghosts are equal to at least lvl 4 - lvl 8 invaders (yes I know, invaders are currently in range 1-6 and über invaders ), but having one day lvl 1 invaders, then lvl 4 Ghosts, and again lvl 1 invaders???

OK, 1st and 3rd day, but what happened on 2nd day?

As I already wrote, your prerogative is to set weight of tasks, but that weight should not vary from day to day too much, from easy to impossible and back. It should be either easy or medium every day, but for daily tasks it should never be impossible, and level of activity needed to get all the points for a day should be constant.

You can change or shuffle activities from day to day searching to get appropriate level of hardness to make game fun, but I would suggest - less is more. Less changes, I mean.

And when I'm already writing, why can't we copypaste anything from clan chat to outside or back?

I know that you disabled right click, and I get it (kind of), but why have you disabled plain copy-paste? This is not my first MMO game, I know that you need to allow or disallow some things in browser to make cheating impossible, but I'm not sure why is copypaste problem?

Once I even got message "We detected 3rd party software on your ....", although I have sound knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and REST HTTP/HTTPS apps, I never tried to cheat in THIS game, so I would say your app is a bit too nervous.

I only change IP's fast sometimes, that's all. :)

Yes, I have adblocker, but if I pay for your game, you should not be nervous about my adblocker. Or whatever triggered that message, I'm 100 % sure there was not reason for it on my side.

Lastly - I'm playing some 2-3 months, and paying more here than in other/previous games, that means - I care for this game more.

So, I have the full right to state what is good here (or what functions well), and what is kinda ... broken. Not much, few details, but it would be nice if you could polish that details/fix them, so they would not happen in the future.

Thanks in advance, and congrats on good game!

Aug 4, 2019, 10:1408/04/19

Some quests are attainable, some are not.  Tailoring quests to the individual circumstances of the player would certainly make the programming more complex and, well, why?

As to rewards, the player gets to choose which quests to target.  Sometimes they fit in with other objectives, when they don't if the reward is too small to justify the effort that quest gets ignored.

I quite like the addition of the quests but the game is tending towards over elaboration. 
Aug 4, 2019, 12:2608/04/19

Here Here on daily tasks being inconsistant, outside your game play,you have opened the level required ,and or unobtainable, like complete high numbers of legendary or epic tasks  when you hardly ever see these.

You only get 4 free refreshes a day and whats the chance of seeing all of them?

Sleep takes up a third of the day, and another third you shoudlnt have, might not have access to the game, especially if you play on the browser version, and you have school or work to do.

Yes you can use clan refreshes, but thiis  firstly means having some, and how often do you get legendary especially anyway?

However there is not much difference here with all the normal quests and battles, mostly you dont win them through normal game play, you have to pay real money in order to get things, so you can do the tasks etc,so there is no win, you are buying the prizes.

As to the daily task targets, just wait till you find out its exactly the same scenario with the weekly and monthly and you are saying exactly the same things about them.

Aug 11, 2019, 11:4208/11/19

QUESTION about NEW daily quest rewards

Did anyone know how NEW NordBrotherhood influence

 on standard Bank system counter?

So if you buy 9,90 $ - 30 day subscription for Nord Bro,

will it trouble your 8-12 week Super/Mega pack counter


Aug 11, 2019, 13:4008/11/19

I would say that as these tasks are new, not even two weeks old, no one will have sufficient data to be able to say with certaintity.

However I would suspect that the answer will be yes it affects the big packs, people have asked this question about other new pay to play aspects and the answer has been yes.

Someone who has already fallen into the trap may post and confirm this.

Are you sure you want to buy into the brotherhood?

Are you sure its a good idea, especially if its affecting your other potential purchases?

Oct 28, 2019, 20:4010/28/19

Judging from the fact that giving it a try raised my pack prices from 4.99 to 19.99, I would say yes. Definitely.

I knew better. A friend said it didn't change anything but it most definitely did.