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The Furious Guides contest

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25 March, 2019, 6:49 AM UTC

Warriors of the North, many of you have already participated in the Kingdoms Battle: Fury. Skillful strategists have probably devised effective tactics to win this Competition. Now you've got a unique opportunity to share your experience and get a reward for it! 

Rules for participation in the contest:

- Write a guide on this topic: "How to win the Kingdoms Battle: Fury" and post it in this section of the forum by March 28. 

- The guide should be written according to several requirements listed below 

- The guide should not violate the rules of the forum 

A guide is a plan, a manual that describes in detail the procedure for achieving a goal. Please note: a simple list of actions that doesn't describe their significance in your strategy will not count as a guide. 


1. The guide should include 3 parts: 

- Conditions in which your tactics are effective 

- Your tactics, series of actions, and their significance 

- Key points to pay attention to during the Kingdoms Battle: Fury 

2. The guide should explain your game tactics in the Kingdoms Battle: Fury to readers in simple terms. The manual should be based on your own tips and recommendations. Otherwise, it won't be considered a guide. An example of a text that is not a guide: 

"You need a level 21 Palace and a lot of melee warriors. Storm Towers of Fury with clansmen and don't forget to dig tiles. A quick victory is guaranteed." 

On March 29, the forum admins will review the results and select 10 winners from among those who have fulfilled all the conditions and have written the best guides. As a reward, they will receive 2 000 000 Gold, Hero’s Double, 3 Days, 3-Days Disguise, Hero's Energy 2 200 000, Shaman's Power 1 600 000. 

Onward, Jarls, show what you've learned from years of battles!

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25 March, 2019, 8:17 AM UTC


sorry that i write the following but after how this has run it must be,

For win,

first be in a kingdom who had the most and biggest players

go in the biggest clan: so you can reach the checkpoints in the clan

not play with browser only with android so no webgl crash

have enough money to grow up fast that you can attack a tower (see facebook video how big you must be to win against level 1 tower)

take 2 days holiday

tactics is not important when you have the points above

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25 March, 2019, 11:47 AM UTC

khunterj said:

not play with browser only with android so no webgl crash

wish that i was with webgl crash...

was not able to play fury because i have a pc and it was taking hours for being able to login... if lucky and i was able to login, everything on the map was pink cubus...

Now that fury is done, it is ok... only have the usual bugs... so long that they are there that i am used to it

It is a shame to ask about strategie when so much people was plagued with probleme and was not able to play fury
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25 March, 2019, 8:07 PM UTC

Hello everyone. There is much to be learnt from the new Fury event, it is so new and so un-tested I am sure that we will learn much as we take part in future events.

I am in a very small clan and this is how my clan approached the event...let me say that we did not win 1st or 2nd place as a kingdom but as a clan we learnt much and we are proud of our achievement. We did not have a plan as we did not know what to expect so the points below are more a relelction on what we learnt from being defeated rather than what we had planned at the start. I am afraid, I am unable to provide the 'plan' required by the contest...just bullet points.

- Position your clan members based on their abilities to match each of the kingdoms strongest players, whether this be in farming/fighting etc..Study your opponents with a magnifier...know them well.

- Have enough towns in each of the enemy kingdoms so that when bonuses are available you reape the rewards without having to waste great relocations jumping around the map. I do think that there is a benefit in having 1 or 3 of your strongest players being 'flexible' and able to jump when the need arises.

- Avoid taking part in the Tower of Furys bonuses if you are not strong enough to sustain the fury of stronger players. Those taking part in this 'binus' may well destroy each others to your benefit.

- Train enough troops so that in the event that your kingdom wins you can gulp a 152M level 8 tile in less than 30mins (just and example).

- Keep smiling and keep having fun regardless of the outcome.

Thank you for reading
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25 March, 2019, 9:47 PM UTC

Hi guys.

After first event of Fury which our clan has won, I can share some impressions what did I find as most important aspects of it, or let say a guide.


I am part of biggest clan in our Kingdom. One of main conditions for win in Fury for let say medium strong Kingdoms,  is to be in huge clan that is several levels above other Kingdom clans. That can be really helpful with organisation, tactic, preparing OS on enemy or defending, making traps, etc... Fury that passed showed just that - Kingdoms that had 1 really strong clan have taken first 2 places, Kingdom that had 3 or 4 clans with similar strength couldn't cope with fighting power of those clans.

Another condition that is very important is to have good coordination among clan members. Clan members must know which tasks they can do most efficiently, whether it's being a leader, fighter(soldier), yielder, target finder, or uber tile maker. Fighters should be reachable for big actions that are making most points for Kingdom. One of conditions that makes good fighting clan is to have for every troop type specialized fighters, whether it is for scout, melee, ranged, etc.  


Know your enemy - find out which clans could be very dangerous for your clan, same applies for kingdoms as well. Try to collect as much info about them before Fury starts. Which players are biggest, which are non active, what types of troops their biggest players using, will their POP be shielded or not when event starts. Look for your POP to be shielded when event starts and allocate reputes to those who will need them the most. When searching Towers of Fury, try to involve as much clan members in it as possible. Finding lower levels quickly before enemy is crucial. If you are home Kingdom with Towers, maybe best way to defend is to destroy lvl 1 yourself and reinforce lvl 2 for defending. Lvl 3 and above for Kingdom of our stature showed to be too big to destroy if we wanted to have troops to fight on optimal level in whole event.

Key points:

Beginning of event showed to be very important , it is time of event when most of attacks on Towers happen, so you can really make a difference if you act as well trained coherent group of people that are thinking and moving fast. It is also time when real testing of other clans is at full scale. If you endure attacks in that part of event, your opponents can be more reserved or passive as event makes progress.

Look up to your clan members, shield drop of clan member with lot of troops can be very costly. Your clan members shouldn't be involved in solo actions much and scattered all over the place, that way persons who are watching for those things can spot shield drop better.

Use bonus events that duplicate your score. That's why they are made for.

These are just few things that I had to point out, there are lot of other things and approaches that can be helpful and I will look forward reading them. And one other thing I must say - prizes for winning Fury are just amazing. They totally worth fighting for.

Thanks on your attention.

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26 March, 2019, 12:49 AM UTC
One of the successful things to give are you troops boosts the packs in the bank area are tremendous options for strategic warfair. If this is not an option don't worry your going to get them when you gain levels from different tasks completions. Next is the pay off guard option it stratigicly slows you to see shield remainder timing, the next is keep enough troops to collect rss for pints as well this will help on-the-go continuel knowledge aswell the building aspects. For PVP meaning going engaging in combat build your troop knowledge I have seen t1 troops destroy t2 t3 troops just because their training was up so utilize these options plus they will add to valuable point aswell Gift from Loki or in the task part of the game with Personal Clan aswell Premium as to your VIP it grants great rewards.  Above all TheFaceless (SECR8) WILL RID THIS WORLD PF ALL YOU GOBLIN AND TROLLS
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26 March, 2019, 12:49 AM UTC
TzaphaQuyel147 said:

One of the successful things to give are you troops boosts the packs in the bank area are tremendous options for strategic warfair. If this is not an option don't worry your going to get them when you gain levels from different tasks completions. Next is the pay off guard option it stratigicly slows you to see shield remainder timing, the next is keep enough troops to collect rss for pints as well this will help on-the-go continuel knowledge aswell the building aspects. For PVP meaning going engaging in combat build your troop knowledge I have seen t1 troops destroy t2 t3 troops just because their training was up so utilize these options plus they will add to valuable point aswell Gift from Loki or in the task part of the game with Personal Clan aswell Premium as to your VIP it grants great rewards.  Above all TheFaceless (SECR8) WILL RID THIS WORLD PF ALL YOU GOBLIN AND TROLLS

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26 March, 2019, 1:02 AM UTC

Fist key for success is team work 

All clan members must participate in order to reach checkpoints to score the highest

Pay attention to other users moving in closer for a quick kill and retreat 

I have learned to only use level 1 warriors while yielding resources, keeping the troop count at a low number the more marches you can spread out and yield the quicker the checkpoints are reached.

Pay attention to the battle rules and requirements for the certain battles

Knowledge is key, a high ranking warrior will not count for for much if he doesn’t have enough knowledge 

There are certain times you can utilize your boosts   wether it is upgrading your buildings in a lust for power quest

Or just simply figuring out how to earn points while working hard as a clan to reach the top.

Patience is pretty vital in this game as well, using up your boosts before a battle begins isn’t a great idea.

It’s also a good thing to make sure and not spend all your gold to make sure you have enough for shields so you don’t get caught.

You know how they say knowledge is power knowing your quest and requirements and what to use for highest points gain 

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26 March, 2019, 1:47 AM UTC
Hola pues como casi siempre salimos con la victoria de la batalla de clanes : furia , muy orgulloso de estar en un grandísimo clan . Por poner un pero , las recompensas fueron muy flojitaa por lo demás muy bien . Darnos algo más difícil jaja .
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26 March, 2019, 3:26 AM UTC

Keys for success.

All clan members must be involved in order to reach checkpoints for high score.
Make note other users moving in closer for a quick kill and retreat 

Learn how to only use tier 1 troops while gathering resources, divide your marches and keep them minuscule for faster gathering resources to make check points.

Make note of the battle rules and requisites for the types of battles

Knowledge in troops will be of great advantage 

Know when to use your boosts for challenges

Work as one to max out points

Be apart of the aim to one goal at its time with all clans help

Gold is a powerful resource, Make sure to have reserves for any outcome or set back

Be diligent and have heart no matter the outcome. The game is only fun when shared feelings of accomplishment are attained.

Participate and do your best. 

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26 March, 2019, 4:58 AM UTC

New Clan here but putting up a fight from Kingdom 782 Svjindsager! We won 2nd place but everyone is still happy and we did our best! 💪🏽😎

First: Pay attention on the Bonus location and that’s where you go. (Kingdom of Bonus location is glowing red on the event)

Bonus locations will have an objective that you must execute! From 2x points on yielding, Attacking tower of Fury, killing ghost, invaders and Uber, and 2x points for warriors hunt!

The location changes every three hours so have your alarm clock set! 

You must stacked up on shields (specially on 8 hours shields so it’s easy to waste for pop and go), items for Military strategists for successful attacks on unshielded cities or tile hits, Power for shaman, Energy for Hero, millions of troops for yielding and attacking,  boosters for creating an army and Golds. If you have all that, you can perform great on every Bonus locations!

 Bonus location for yielding; yield on Uber lair for quicker and bigger yield! But watch out! Enemies will pop up from nowhere and your lair will get hit if you are not fast enough to call your troops back! So pay attention and only yield on how much your eyes can cover and can recall quick Incase of tile hitters. If you are not ready to be around those big players, go to more remote area with any level resources, activate your decrease yielding for 75% from bank offers or 50% from Clan store as your other options and only yield with Tier 1 troops so their easy to replace if you get hit.

Warriors hunt and Attacking Tower of Fury! Anything goes in Kingdom Battle Fury! Attacking the Tower of Fury, castle or just tile hitting, do your best to activate all your military items! It will make your troops stronger and unstoppable! Activate your Aesir and make sure to switch your hero for Military mode, and switch your shaman for military mode, do all these steps before sending out troops to attack! While attacking make sure to be on alert! Or someone will see your shield down so be quick when you see your target, don’t hesitate! Pop up your 8 hours shield for cheaper to waste for pop and go once you send out all marches to all your targets, and in split second of popping up shield, boost those marches to your targets to make sure you hit it before they shield up, relocate or recall from tiles. Add these Military items on your favorites for easy access!

Killing Ghost and Invaders; Make sure your shaman is leveled up for better offense and defense against ghost and activate your increase shaman offense by 20% it helps a lot, same goes for your hero, activate their offense increase by 20% and switching their equipment for killing invaders is the way to go! Make them March quickly by activating your 15 minutes March speed up by 250% items from Bank offers is a really big help for both to keep sending them out on a march to destroy and banished their targets! But again, Make sure you have plenty of Power for Shaman and Energy for hero to execute these missions..

I have only been playing for a couple of months, these are the steps I have learned so far and happy to help and learn more. I hope I’ve provided some good pointers and good strategies! 

Thank you for reading and giving us a chance to share our experience and strategy for better and more fun playing this game! ❤️😊
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26 March, 2019, 7:03 AM UTC
we won but its not worth it plarium should spend more time trying to keep what they have now working instead of working on new gimmicks with  the new bugs in it. how long has aesir thing been here and still no reduction for troop training with forseti. really pissis me off plarium i can hardly wait to see what new kind of bull shit comes out. greed has really screwed this game up and that is all i have to say for now.
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26 March, 2019, 7:21 AM UTC
The very good experience is entertaining and ingenious, I dedicated myself to kill invaders since I had hard opponents, but even so we are 2, I am impatient for the next one to arrive.
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26 March, 2019, 12:20 PM UTC
Bizim klanımız birlikte hareket eder. Güç mabedi i hiçbir zaman başka bir klana vermeyiz. Oyuncularımız aktif ve üretkendir. Son dakikaya kadar kimse bizi yendiğini düşünemez. 
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26 March, 2019, 1:57 PM UTC

Fury: The Beginners Guide to Winning.

Conditions to make your tactics effective: 

1. A fine tuned Clan/Kingdom with great communication skills. All Jarls to know their role within the Clan.

   a. Chief/Elders to give direction and make crucial decisions about strategy.

   b. ALL Clan members are on the same page for the current objectives. All members of the clan to read the current events, know which bonus are running to ensure you're maximizing boosts and reducers.

2. Pre-War (Battle) Checklist.

   a. Do your homework on the enemy Kingdoms/Clans. Knowing as much as you can about your opponent will give you an upper hand. Who holds POP? When does Pop shield? Who are the high influence players? What is their troop type? Who has the reputes? Who is a non active player? Use guard payoffs for shield drops. You want your POP to shield at the start of the event so you'll have the 1st 24 hours to have the awesome Reputes that deal damage and help you grow. 

   b. 1-2 hours before the start of Fury ensure, farmers come off tiles and cease digging before the start. Go through your home kingdom and use guard payoffs to ensure no shield drops occur.  Scan and scout the kingdom to ensure unshielded towns are empty. We call this the Purge.

   c. Load up the clan store so it is not to interrupt game play. Jarls can use their loyalty points to purchase many different boosts, relocations, peace shields, resource yielding speed up... etc

3. Our tactics for Fury is still an ongoing learning process, as it is new to all. 

   a. Relocate to Kingdoms with active bonus that gives 2x the points, Resource yielding, Enemy troop kill, Killing off invaders and ghosts, and the best Towers of Fury. Players must know their role. These extra bonuses are crucial when used in conjunction with our normal boosts. USE RELEVANT BOOSTS, Ensure you have the proper gear on and you are using the right Shaman. 

   b. When the towers appear in enemy Kingdom be prepared. Have 3-5 Jarls use random relocations to find the lower level towers, as these are easier to handle. Quickly form Onslaughts when towers are in Enemy Kingdom and in Home Kingdom be prepared to defend them! 

   c. Timing is everything. Ensure you have the power to hold POP and defend while possibly defending the towers at the same time.   

So much to learn... thank to all who have wrote as it gives better insight on winning future events. I am sure I forgot some stuff as this is the second time I've wrote this out... somehow I lost my first draft.   

Learn, Fight, Grow.... 

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26 March, 2019, 5:16 PM UTC

The keys to win are communication, teamwork, collaboration and contribution from all jals from the kingdom.

This is not only the clan matters but it's kindom's (though you don't need to be in the strongest clan or kingdom because the game will match equal opponent for you by the way)

To achieve our goal, first thing first kingdom need need to set communication for all clan chiefs and elders

They will setup teams of fighters, seekers and farmers and assign tasks to teams as well as chain of commands to ensure that everyone know their duty and know when and what to do.

fighters responsible for attacking/defending pop and tower of fury.
They must be setup os or defense quicky as soon as tower of fury appeared.

farmer responsible for farm rss and/or make points from invaders/ghosts

Seekers responsible for searching for tower of fury, do it regulary and report to up line of command.

Seekers ustually are jarl who cannot participate as fighter or farmer (who don't have energy to hit invaers or ghosts

influence does not matter if the kingdom has no teamwork.

with good teamwork & communication, even small jarls can beat the mighty kingdom!

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26 March, 2019, 6:00 PM UTC

my clan is small, so I'm gonna describe our strategy as a small clan. 

team work is very important. knowing your weaknees and strengths. of course hitting towers of fury is a waste of troops for smaller clans, so the way for us is sending coordinates to the biggest clan from our kingdom. The easy way for getting points killing troops is tile hitting (just players you can beat) and using guard payoffs, make sure to use your hero on military mode and use the right shaman (use a gear for these if you have one) (PLARIUM PLEASE BALANCE SHAMAN'S GEAR FOR KILLERS, CALVARY AND RANGE TROOPS).

Pay attention on the Bonus location and be smart with that. For instance (we did this the last KvK:fury) when de bonus for hitting invaders ends in a kingdom 'B' and another one starts in kingdom 'A', it's probably that most players will relocate to kingdom 'A', so go or stay (if you were there) in kingdom 'B' and yield free ubers (there will be several of them), of course yield with a few Tier 1 troops so their easy to replace if you get hit and activate bonus for yielding.

oh, and as a kingdom 6 hours before starting the event noone attack the pop so once the event starts the pop is shielded and give the kingdom some adventage.

It's important for pointing know the rules and the action to do it.

So, that's all. thanks 

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26 March, 2019, 7:26 PM UTC


1)Kingdom peace: a house divided against itself cannot stand. It only takes one player to feed the enemy to ruin the effort of everyone in the kingdom.

2)Communication: how to talk tactics if you can’t even talk?


If you are a high functioning kingdom, these tactics are meant to defeat another high functioning kingdom.

1)Focus on Farming: if you have 100 good fighters vs 1 good farmer in a war, the farmer will win. Good farmers always score more points than they lose.

2)Protect your Farmers: now if you have 99 farmers and 1 fighter vs 100 farmer, the fighter can be a winning advantage! So make sure you have players who know how to counter fighters who are trying to disrupt your farmers.

3)Disrupt their Farmers: enemy farmers should never farm in peace. Always have at least one disruptor at all times.

Key points:

1)Train: everyone who has a role should be well trained in that role.

2)Share: Share your information and resources with other clans in kingdom. This is how you build the kingdom bond.

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26 March, 2019, 8:48 PM UTC

There were 3 of us  ,4 bil, 4bil, 9bil, sent over 2.5mil troops to a level 2 tower, didn't kill squat. What you call me and my friends is this term "noob" , don't be a noob, or even worse, a poor noob.

If you follow every step above you'll win game, gg.

P.S. don't waste your time looking for a lv 1 tower.

P.P.S. Also, join Odin's misfits in Hogdahov , welcoming all looking to drakkar to a new kingdom.

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27 March, 2019, 3:41 AM UTC

- Effectiveness conditions:

    First of all, for the tactics to be effective, it is necessary to know the abilities of the clan members and to divide them into two groups: farmers and attackers. It is also important for all members to wait for the event to spend gold on the energy of the hero and the shaman in order to attack various invaders (especially ubers) and ghosts just on enemy kingdoms, always hurting those of the highest level possible.

    It also helps if the clan leader motivates members to achieve personal achievements, explaining that doing that, they will receive additional bonuses in case of victory (gold and boosts).

- Tatics:

    Each group (farmers and attackers), in its specialty, should seek, all the time, to perform bonus activities that award double points, even if they have to keep changing between kingdoms. For the farmers, it is crucial to gathering just in enemy kingdoms, always using “1hour Resource Yielding speed-up 75%” and shields on yielding tiles. For the attackers, they must use all military stuffs, increasing damage and making even more points.

    Onslaught unshielded enemies and Towers of Fury. Remember to reinforce trap palaces,  and always shield up fast after attacking to avoid being hit by enemies through marching boosts.

    One of the best tactics is to set traps. To do this, plot a city with strongest players troops and leave it without shield. The enemies that attack this city will surely lose the battle and this will result in many points to the clan.

- Key points to pay attention:

    It is interesting to limit the number of troops by sending them to gather resources, so that in a possible enemy attack, they do not score much. One suggestion is to send between 10 or 20 thousand soldiers for each tile.

    Guide all members to be as active as possible and keep their cities always protected by shields, avoiding giving points to enemies.

Following this manual, the chances of victory will be very high!



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