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How long to go from hero level 1 to level 40 without a pack?

How long to go from hero level 1 to level 40 without a pack?

Oct 14, 2018, 12:2410/14/18

How long to go from hero level 1 to level 40 without a pack?

I'm thinking of putting my current hero on hold and starting again.

Does anyone know how long it would take for me to get my new hero from level 1 to level 40 without buying a pack? 
Oct 14, 2018, 13:4810/14/18

Depends how you play. Fighting with your hero gives a huge amount of experience relatively at lower levels. Hitting Invaders with default energy, not so much. 

Could be a few good hits on enemy towns or it could be a few weeks of play time hitting level 1&2 Invaders.

Oct 14, 2018, 14:1810/14/18
Oct 14, 2018, 15:01(edited)

Seems a simple question,but the answers probably more complex.

The fact that you have experience in the game should help.

A lot will depend on how you like to play the game,and how much time you have to spend playing.

Are you going to

Play as a single player?

Join a Clan?

Spend real money?

Jump to another kingdom,or stay where you end up, which is likely to be more competetive?

I can tell you  that I have a new account, it was started late JUNE and its presently  Hero level 42,and  purposefully I havent been paying much attention to it.I havent even progressed to palace 5,though I could easily do so.

So you ought to be able to do much much better than this.

However, sometimes moving slowly can have other benefits.There are ways to build and research that saves you time in the long term.

I just re read your post.

I only bought the one pack.(not the novice pack), so I could get auto complete on all tasks.

Oct 14, 2018, 15:3610/14/18
Join a clan and it won't take long ... a couple/few weeks ...
Oct 21, 2018, 20:0010/21/18
I was thinking join a clan that does well in clan events but spend no real money. After all there's always a Jarl bigger than the next one so it's just to see if I can do things a bit different. Mainly stop my town at level 20.
Nov 7, 2018, 16:3211/07/18

I play wthout packs from bank

From 1 to 40 ~ 4-5 month i think

I play almost 1 year without pack from bank and i have 52 lvl hero
Feb 18, 2019, 19:0402/18/19

Cheers guys, the question has been answered.

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