My Town is not Collecting the Resources it should get per hour!

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3 September, 2017, 11:38 PM UTC

I should make over 1 Million per Hour in Silver! I Should make Over 4 Million per Hour in Food! I come back a Day Later still sitting pretty much where I Started from, My other resources are the same way! I have just caught on to this but wondered before how all my Clanmates seem to have so much more then Me in Resources.

I sent to Support so We'll see what happens!

They responded within a Day! It was my bad, I didn't understand at the time the Limit you can hold on Town Resources for which it then stops collecting. The reason I didn't catch it was that You can go Over that Limit by getting Resources in other ways like Yielding for Resources. That Explains how I would have like 10 times more than I could actually hold by just Town Resourcing.
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21 October, 2017, 10:08 PM UTC

Press palace, press statistics, press silver. There you can find your silver capacity. Once you reach max silver capacity you stop producing silver. You can upgrade this capacity by upgrading mainly your manors (or whatever building of the resource that's capacity you're trying to increase) or your vault.

Note: This applies to all of your resources; food, iron, lumber, stone, silver.
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