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Cagon clan is looking for a few strong fighters.

Cagon clan is looking for a few strong fighters.

Jul 26, 2021, 23:0907/26/21

Cagon clan is looking for a few strong fighters.

We are based mostly in the US but have a few members in African, European, and Australian time zones as well. Would really like to get more fighters in non US time zones but all time zones are welcome. 

For now we are closing membership to developing players, we have a good bit already. The ones we have will stay just so long as they remain active and shielded. 

---What we are looking for--- 

Any troop type is welcome.  

Must have good ubba gear, gems, runes, raine the wanderer, raine gear, and gems and runes in his gear as well. 

Ditto for your troop specific fighting gear and shaman stuff. 

Must be in the upper levels of helheim. 

Level 35 town and above. 

T7's fully upgraded in oracle and citadel. 

The more lean and mean stuff you have the better. All that stuff that makes you stronger, but doesn't increase your influence. VIP, Gear, Gems, Runes, Helheim, Achievements, Hero and Town skins, etc...

A good attitude and willingness to share space with developing players. A willingness to help developing players learn and grow is a plus. No egos. No drama llamas. 

A willingness to fight for the POP, in Jot, and in Holmgangs. Don't have to be a big spender like some of these super clans require. Just be willing to fight along side the other fighters in the clan. Train troops, kill troops, get soul shards, use soul shards to get stronger, rinse, and repeat. 

---What we have to offer---

A fully upgraded stronghold with all military, economoc, and special knowledges unlocked, all buildings fully upgraded, and all gear unlocked, with a surplus of pre and post transformation resources, dust, and scrolls ready to go for SH level 5 upgrade, and we are working our way through the trap upgrades as we go. 

A good 4 to 6 heavy fighters depending on what you consider heavy, a good 4 to 6 medium fighters, a handful more of light fighters, and a bunch of developing players who have their place as miners, invader fighters, and are good for lending enough helping hands to max that feature out for those big upgrades where it really makes a difference. In all we currently have 70 accounts in the clan, many of which are peoples alts, but mostly unique players. 

Reputes and helheim guides in our regulations section, and just started getting on line app but will be working on improving all of that over time. 

Looking to do 2 sieges a week, one in the US time zone, and one in an opposite time zone so the other time zones can take the lead. One during each CvC and which time zone takes the lead on that one will be decided by what kind of clan we're up against. Try to siege while they sleep for strategic value. 

An on sight gym 

Free beer and/or weed


Medical, Dental, and Vision starting on day 1

7 paid holidays a year

2 weeks of paid vacation and 10 paid sick days

Kingdom 421, 207:419 

Write BelusTheConqueror

I will be camping Thursday July 29th to Sunday August 1st but I will return messages when I get back.