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Heros set and skill anoying!

Heros set and skill anoying!

May 22, 2017, 17:2005/22/17

Heros set and skill anoying!

I so about those Heros set we can save .in the descripton it say that these are made so we can quickly change are Heros set if we are like set to grind ressource but then we see someone comming to attack are city quick change set , but just how fast can that be if we have to re do are skills this is anoying to me.When we set and save a set up of are Heros equipment and skills should be save for that one, and so on ,so that when we need a quick change of Hero equipment and skill should be all set, no mater if it is for a campain or grinding,this is to me the meaning of quick change.

Jan 10, 2019, 01:3801/10/19

You know you can go to your Hero's Abode and save your current set.

 Then is you don't want to change your skill point you can just change your equipment an save it as a new set.

Or go to the clan store and buy a second chance, I think they are 15k loyalty points.

Yes it takes a few minutes maybe even half an hour to set up all you Hero's sets but once it is done it is definitely worth it.

You can save up to ten skills/equipment sets.

Check out this link for a post about having more slots.