How does the league system work for events?

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1 March, 2017, 9:09 PM UTC

Hi i am new to vikings but i played other plarium game. I want to know how does the league system work. I started the game today and saw that there is an events when you win points every-time you gain influence by getting knowledge or by building. I am actually at almost 14k points and since i started today i build a lot of those buildings. Obviously i stated in the novice league.

The main issue is when i watch my rank i see that the first is at 2300 k points and the second at 1000k. The first in the novice league has a level 19 palace when i can barely get level 6.

My question is simple how the hell is this guys is in novice league? What is the factor who decide in which league we are? Is it the level of the hero at the start of the event?

I can understand score like 100 000 points by people using cash. But 2 300 000 points Oo?  It looks sketchy to me.
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