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Suggestion for VWoC

Suggestion for VWoC

Feb 16, 2017, 14:2102/16/17

Suggestion for VWoC

1... :: When I got attacked   by enemy      My soldier's Dead or Wounded       and   Bcoz of this  I think  my kingdom (Sea) or Lake or Water vs  must be  Red  & blood     with my soldiers blood  

2::   When I got atacked  by enemy        My kingdom Walls   must be  Demolished     Also   my farmer's and other etc etc They must be look miserable  

3 :: and When my walls Destroyed     I have to  Repair again with my  people 

4 :::   and Also   We need     Silver  bank  for save some silver from enemy :) When We got atacked     they all gone and 

5:: and  When we atack anyone   our army  in way for few minutes to walk their kingdom      then back to City early  War finişhed in 0.30 min ? :D  u guys have to show me  Our Fight  2-3 min :) 

6:: When I got atacked  by enemy   my kingdom must be burn inside 

7::  and  someone have  50.000.000 million kingdom and They atack noob guys 100.000-.300.000  and they steal everything and Noob guys give up early and  Leave game  This is  Stopped !! 

8::   So  We Need Better graphic with my idea :P  after my suggestion Game VWoC  earn Reality and  better :)   Finişh ... :) 

9 :: Ur Welcome hehe