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Recruiting new clan members

Recruiting new clan members

Oct 8, 2018, 21:4710/08/18

Recruiting new clan members

We are a clan of 18 members with a lvl 1 stronghold. We win most of our cvc's and have good companionship in the clan. New members at all levels are invited. We will support new players in their growth and welcome the clout of seasoned veterans. 

Find us, the R3negades, at kingdom 402, 305:560.

Oct 25, 2018, 03:0010/25/18
TVLS kingdom 285 is recruiting active members north American time zone  minimum influence 25 bill
Dec 21, 2018, 22:2612/21/18
Can I join? 😍
Dec 21, 2018, 22:2612/21/18
justinlevia said:

Can I join? 😍
Please o=
Jan 20, 2019, 00:2201/20/19
Checkout K68 in kingdom 68. They used to be M_IM but have reformed and are much stronger.
Feb 15, 2019, 05:2202/15/19

#530 Vondarkvida, Legion of Doom is looking for new members. We have one really large leader who is very laid back and friendly. We have other members of various levels and will consider all active players for membership. We are English speaking. We win a lot of events and will reach a lot of checkpoints quickly. If you are looking to play smart, be shielded, grow quickly, and earn a lot of gold, this is the place for you. Feel free to reach out to Honey Badger Joe or another member. 

Thanks for your interest!

Mar 3, 2019, 18:2303/03/19
Mar 3, 2019, 19:13(edited)
K446 UGAIM recruiting all players welcome we have a lv3 SH and have english/french/italian members who are very active and friendly aswell as the full kingdom. If you are willing to win competitions as we do often and are willing to grow and prosper contact Lord B Brawk or Elisa Sherif chiefs of ugaim many thanks
May 23, 2019, 11:3705/23/19

Kingdom 518 The Exiled clan.

We are looking for active players from all over the globe (by active I mean active in game, not necessarily paying shitloads of money for it).

Basic english skills required.

Kingdom is stable, we are 3rd clan there with solid alliance with No1 clan, we got positive win-rate in all KvK and CvC type events

You can find me on discord ( Jerry#4805 ) , or contact our Chief - Agertha or one of Elders ingame.

Sep 5, 2019, 03:4209/05/19
im around 32b influ and need a new home
Sep 21, 2019, 21:1509/21/19
Hello , my name Irek from Poland, my Clan The Hussars is in kingdom number 209 , we have 22 members, Stronghold level is 3. I cordially invite you dear Clansmen to this kingdom, i am active player, we"re having fun, i have bonus for new members about 100 mln resources, giving out prizes for activity, AROO! 
Nov 17, 2019, 16:4211/17/19

The GASHOUSE GIRLS clan is looking for new Jarls to join our all females clan! 

Daily grinders currently in clan and primarily english speaking but open to all languages and all levels. Must be a daily active player. 

Our clan is located in the kingdom of Dronkkberg #830. Contact Hoose Tinks, Chopped Pickle, or curves n swirls if you have any questions.

Feb 20, 2020, 15:5102/20/20
Kd 676 valhallas misfits. Come join. Were small but helpful and friendly. English speaking. 
Apr 5, 2020, 23:4104/05/20
Hello all, KDWL Warriorz clan is recruiting in kingdom 30. We have great ppl here and enjoy fighting... We are batling russian clan for pop and kingdom has peace as a whole.. Come check us out if your looking for a change of pace.
Apr 18, 2020, 00:2704/18/20

Clan #858 [123rd] 123RavenDwellxyz is looking for new members, new clan with an easy going leader, looking for people who are willing to help each other with builds and other requests.

x:24, Y:320
May 16, 2020, 04:0005/16/20
Feast of Valhalla, Sopensund #846 has opened ranks for recruitment. We started out strong, but fell on hard times when we lost our chief to Covid. What remains of our clan is a core group of butt kickers dedicated to each other, the clan and carrying on in our former chief's memory. Seeking active and casual players both new and experienced. We are super chill, but we want to build something great while we have fun and we welcome you to be a part of that. 
Nov 8, 2020, 08:4911/08/20

Mann Of Fury here of United Brotherhood #844 lvl 3 Stronhold, if you are looking to join a clan we are accepting players of all levels from all time zones, we are english speaking so it will be helpful if you have a way to communicate. Just send a message if you have any questions.

Nov 15, 2020, 16:4711/15/20

Suicide Squad in kd 610 is recruiting active players. We are rebuilding our SH is to level 4. All Equipment and Knowledge is open. If interested contact an elder or a chief.