So... you like POP fights? We need 1 more fighter to hold it with us

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12 August, 2019, 2:50 PM UTC

We   (In_Ks)  are  located in Kingdom 352 Derrinaysg,

We are looking for an active player, preferd time zone Europe.

We looking for a strong player who has done his knowledge, hero pop knowledge, hero POP gear and POP shaman.

At least done with T5 or higher in citadel and knowledge!

Our clan is not so big but we are with a few big players, with us 4 (big players above 100 bil) we have 555 bilj influence, so you not alone in POP.

Our SH is maxed out so you can craft all the gear there is, we are ready to lvl our SH to lvl 4.

We have currently 754 bilj influence and 39 members, thats incl alts/ banks off all our players.

It would be nice when you have 100 bilj influence but when you like to join us with the right atitude we welcome you also.

When you want to join us, ask 1 of the elders of our clan!

See you soon!

Give me knowledge
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