Recruiting active members

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25 June, 2019, 8:24 PM UTC

Southern Outlaws Kd 346

The clan :

current influence : 660 Bill

We are a mixed clan of layed back friendly international English speaking players, ranging from 218bill Inf down 1bill .

We are second largest clan in the kingdom and although we dont hold pop ,Reputes are available on request .

We have a maxed staged 3 stronghold with all gear opened and 75% of all knowledge completed.

we win 99% of our CvC,s and participate as a kingdom in fury and kvk,s 

Elders are chosen on merit and not influence .

Our kingdom is peaceful ,so you can yield and drop shield safely between events .


English speaking Members 

Min 10 bill influence, but lower will be considered .

Fighters and farmers ,but no drama llamas. .Please 

what we are looking for in a member :

Members who want to play the game and enjoy it without the drama of big egos fighting for top spot .

Activity and participation in events with a drive to want to win!

Enjoys working as a team in Onslaughts etc .

*Players who want to sit back and score min points in events need not apply *

Message me for more info 

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