Cagon clan of kingdom 421 is looking for some fresh meat.

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7 June, 2019, 4:01 AM UTC

Level 3 stronghold. 

All old specialty gear is unlocked in the stronghold. 

All upper level siege gear and cavalry gear is unlocked.

All upper level melee gear except weapon and amulet is unlocked. 

All upper level spy gear is unlocked except amulet. 

All fortress gear is unlocked except amulet. 

We have not yet begun unlocking upper level killer or archery gear but nobody has requested that yet. 

We just had 2 of our biggest players quit, one wanted to join a Spanish speaking clan and the other wanted to join a French speaking clan. We are an English speaking clan but are open to members from wherever. Our biggest player of 40 billion will return soon. Not only would I like to replace the players that just quit but I'd like to continue with an ongoing recruiting effort and fill out our membership again. We just had 4 new players join and I'd like that number to continue growing.

I am the chief and I donate all winnings from CvC's to the stronghold. I am only 5.5 billion influence right now but am growing fast. I play every day, some days more than others. 

We are seeking big players, small players, medium players, it doesn't matter, just be active. I do keep some dead accounts around for setting mead hall traps. 

Join Cagon clan in kingdom 421 and lets have some fun. 

No tile hitting players from our own kingdom. Kingdom wide NAP unless attacked first. We are at peace with our entire kingdom and have a strong kingdom that usually wins KvK's, KvK:R's, and KvK:Fury's. 

Go Cagon! 
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19 June, 2019, 11:02 PM UTC


We've had a few join, still looking for more and will be until our membership is full. Many players have come and gone over the years, but to keep a clan alive the chief must make continuing recruiting efforts, so here I am, doing just that. 

We now have the entire outfit for fortress fighting unlocked in the arms guild in the stronghold, and we will soon start out next resource transformation building upgrade to level 3 in the stronghold. 

I have also since gotten to 6.1 billion influence, my 2nd account is up to 3 billion, I've finished my 2nd tier fighting outfit for my hero and will soon have my 6th piece of fighting gear for my shaman, so will be fighting again very soon. Yay! 

Our players range from 25 million to 50 billion, so whether you're a little player just looking to grow or a bigger player wanting to see some action, we're the clan for you. All are welcome. 

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