Clan at 729 Sollvanger, is looking for new english speaking members.

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7 March, 2019, 12:28 PM UTC

Few words about our clan:

We are friendly, a family if i can describe us. There is no inf minimum if u want to join us, we only care that u are active either on cvc kvk or in chat in general.

If u are just a casual player ure free to join us, no restrictions real life comes first.

We are freaky lil ppl who seek other freaky players to join.

What do we offer:

Friendly environment, u can talk about almost anything u like in chat.

Most of us are active almost all day, so ull have almost 99% have someone to chat with.

You wil lhave the opportunity to hear/see cold jokes from our one and only MoonWolfBearGod. (Moon if u see this, remember i still love u #nohomo)


Our Location:

729 Sollvanger, Clan: Shadows Of Niflheim [136:460] , currently at 32.8b inf. SH at lvl 2 .

Feel free to msg me in game : Potato Planker , or MoonWolfBearGod.

Will be happy to hear from you ingame. Thank you for ur time.

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