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7 March, 2019, 5:00 AM UTC

Trevarius Fugum of clan The Mighty Horde, kingdom #782. 

I have a proposal to hard-working clans: a mutual assault on Large Bully Cans that destroy everything then shield-up. They get away with crushing clans of much smaller influence and so far, no one has stopped them. It was suggested to hit them while they're raiding for resources. It that really the Only way to get em?  A constant, multi-clan Onslaught, from All directions. Keeping an eye on their shielded status, then hit them with a scheduled onslaught. Is there any clan in kingdom #782 that is willing to set aside any differences to get rid of these Bullies?

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10 March, 2019, 10:15 PM UTC

TREVARIUS bulling is never easy to dealt with especially when they have loads of resources to put in. i hope u can get the other clans in ur kingdom to work together to sort this issue but incase that does not happen, The Mighty Horde can always jump to kingdom 479 and merge with us, we r a growing, english speaking clan in a relatively peaceful kingdom & always try to help one & another to grow, we always looking for active players to join ;-)

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