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United ThoWo Forces (ThoWo) in kingdom 68 is recruiting.

United ThoWo Forces (ThoWo) in kingdom 68 is recruiting.

Mar 2, 2019, 23:1903/02/19

United ThoWo Forces (ThoWo) in kingdom 68 is recruiting.

Are you stuck in a dead clan?

Are you in a high level clan but are tired of the pressure to always achieve a minimum number of points in clan challenges?

Are you fed up of having to play all the time or you will be kicked out of your clan?

Join Tho Wo in kingdom 68. We are currently a small clan of only 12 members speaking german and english and have 17.9B influence.

We have a relaxed approach to playing and don't mind if you only play once a week and don't score many points in clan events.

We're just looking for more members to enjoy the clan and the benefits of being in a clan with no pressure.

Our stronghold is level 3. 

The buildings in our stronghold are;

Resource storage  level 3

Smelters yard level 3

Arms guilds level 1

Brewers yard level 3

Carpenters yard level 3

Supreme thing level 2

Stone cutters yard level 3

Mintage yard level 2 - being upgraded to level 3

Shamans residence level 2

Special equipment studied in the Arms Guild.


Bjorns Helmet

Erics Helmet

Haakons Helmet

Harald's crown

Ivar's cap

Leif's Helmet

Olaf's Helmet

Ragnar's Helmet

Sigurd's Hood

Sweyn's Hat


Bjorns Armour

Eric's Armor

Haakon's Cloak

Harald's Breastplate

Ivar's Jaacket

Leif's Vest

Olaf's Armor

Ragnar's Chainmail

Sigurds Cloak

Sweyn's Armor


Bjorn's Spear

Eric's Axe

Haakon's Seax

Harald's Blade

Ivar's Bow

Leif's Broadaxe

Olaf's Angon

Ragnar's Axe

Sigurd's Sword

Sweyn's Flail


Bjorn's high Boots

Eric's high Boots

Haakon's Boots

Harald's Greaves

Ivar's Boots

Leif's Boots

Olaf's Greaaves

Ragnar's High Boots

Sigurd's Boots

Sweyn's Greaves


Bjorn's Goblet

Eric's Horn

Haakon's Sheath

Harald's Tooth

Ivar's Bracelet

Leif's Map

Olaf's Seal

Ragnar's Banner

Sigurd's Ouroboros

Sweyn's Locket

We have no need to kill troops in peace time between kingdoms battle, clans battle and kingdom revenge battle events.

We will hit enemy towns and tiles during kingdom battle, clans battle and kingdom revenge battles only.

We welcome all players of all levels and will help you with resources or troop reinforcement if you ask.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Apr 17, 2019, 01:0304/17/19
Are y'all still recruiting? 
Apr 18, 2019, 07:5004/18/19
Always recruiting. How to see you soon.
Apr 18, 2019, 17:0904/18/19

helmet of the north instant speed up for 18.5 hours works only one time?  

Apr 28, 2019, 07:3804/28/19

I'm new and learning  about the game so I might be missing something. 

How do I join the Clan?  What do I click?   I tried searching in Clans and cannot locate anything with United in it. 

I also looked over some of the kingdom to move my city there but am open to tips before moving.