Looking for fighters

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18 January, 2019, 2:58 PM UTC

We are a loyal & strong clan looking for members to help us fight a clan within our kingdom that is full of poor strategic players. All other clans in kingdom get along and work together but this clan is causing lots of grief and not providing any benefits to our kingdom. We have lots of fighters in our clan but need a few 100+ influence players to help with this war. Look me up!

My Clan: 13lv

My Vikings Name: Athena Diona

Kingdom: 590

Enemy Clan: GofC

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1 February, 2019, 7:37 PM UTC
We have resolved kingdom issues and the trouble makers have moved to another kingdom. We still welcome anyone who’d like to join our wonderful clan :)
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12 February, 2019, 9:36 AM UTC


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