Recruiting English speaking members!

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19 November, 2018, 7:23 PM UTC

Hello everyone,

We on 726 have recently (3days ago) opened for drakkars. so we are looking to expand our kingdom! So if you're an english speaking player we invite you to come play with us. Also there is a good and strong russian clan on that kingdom that would harbor any russian speaking players looking to hop kingdoms!

What do we require?

-Devotion to clan events!

-English communication


- 1B-15B players or people with high Resources Gatheredor high produced (aka farmers and hypermaxers) (I'll be honest we only got 7 15-30B players so we can't really offer much for the really strong and big accounts, we're still a young kingdom/clan

What do we offer!

- A good group of people with the common goal of growin as a kingdom!

- An active banking system for "Hypermax" players.

-Global Kingdom peace/cooperation! 

Meaning:    -We've got a line chat with majority of all chiefs and elders on the kingdom!

                   -We all know who is enemy of who in cvc and we fight as a kingdom versus all invading clans/players.

                   -Tilehits rarely occur and are often missunderstandings.

-People that do not participate in most personal events, and will only boost during clan and global events!

If you got any more questions feel free to pm your line to me for more detailed information with screenshots to back of all statements made in this thread, we got about 25 spots as within the next few days and after waiting for packs (Read Black Friday deals) We will have alot more english players arriving to clan!

Thank you for taking the time to read this text and i hope to be hearing of some of you!

Have a nice day and most importantly, Keep demn shields up and have fun!

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