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clan boy14 in 227 Ramistervag x:227 y:488 - boy14loli

clan boy14 in 227 Ramistervag x:227 y:488 - boy14loli

Jan 2, 2019, 13:2501/02/19

Our Phone Number and WhatsApp Groups Chats - call:   +0049 15172008464

Jan 13, 2019, 14:2301/13/19
Jan 13, 2019, 14:23(edited)

hy boys&girls!

plarium we don´t did shit!!!!! plarium workers you did the shit !!!!!! plarium stop sending me and us shit Letters from plarium, warnings.....and so on.....etc........plarium we dont did shit or anythin wrong !!!!!!!!!!!!! plarium for sure we got some Problems with monkeys some shit Assholes !!!!!!!!!!! but we will see in future how ll develope this problems and other shit, and how ll in future develope our clan boy14 and boy14loli......!!!!!!!!!!!

bye.....later......bye for now

clan boy14

Feb 12, 2019, 19:5902/12/19

hy All....

after some massive Problems ....( some of you peoples knows it better.....damn shit.....).......we are happy returning back on vikings stage to make a lot plarium vikings points and especially GOLD for All of our grandious gladly clan boy14 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! clan castle UNIVERSES !!!!! we saw....we have a lot allies like Predators, Aliens.....and other Stuffs of Super Heros !!!!!!!!!! good things we hope and think at......... May the Gods of plarium and vikings help us and our clan boy14 to NOT having more that big PROBLEMS in FUTURE with shit monkeys and peoples that want only our All badness and bad wrong Things all kind !!!!!! Special peoples and specialists of knowledges about more informations about we All and ME should and can know more..........!!!!!!!!!! bye and see you later.......hope in Good Times only !!!!!!!!!!!!


Feb 25, 2019, 07:3802/25/19

Hy Plarium Vikings,

Hy boys & girls! hy Players and gamers,

We want to let YOU know that We clan boy14 are ready to pay YOU or some good Billions Vikings Plarium Players & Gamers that fight and play allways on POP Place of Power of the 227 kingdom RAMISTERVAG !!!! .....just let us know your prizes and or what you want and need for some Good Players&Gamers vikings Plarium that fight on POP Place of Power in 227 Ramistervag kingdom for Our Clan boy14 clan castle UNIVERSES !!!!!!!! .....we wait Your Replys and offerts and let us allways Know that Topic fighters pop 227 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......just Message us............bye for now


Mar 31, 2019, 21:2603/31/19

hy hy....clan boy14.....clan castle Universes........good clan.....we All hope rising higher Together. with new stronghold technologys, and A Lot Technologys in General for us All !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes ....Plarium & Vikings.......we need Technologys !  ( also in our all Real Life inside and outside )   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best wishes for all clan boy14 and Rise Higher as soon as possible !!!!!!!!!!!!!! bye for now.........

Aliens & Spiderman & Batman & CO. 

good luck boy !!!

Apr 16, 2019, 07:4404/16/19

hy clan boy14

how are you? whats new?

i and we are All Glad to be in your clan !

May Plarium Vikings Gods help us fast to rise our clan boy14....etc.....

for sure.....we need a lot time to get new Knowledges, Technologys, Boosters and Stronghold Boosters, GOLD and more Stuffs....!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL..........but yes, we will look all how we will Develope our great clan boy14 in the Future !!!!!!!!!!!!

bye for now

Jarl Alien Manta
Apr 16, 2019, 08:3904/16/19

hy Clan boy14 clan castle UNIVERSES !!!´re All right. we need Development !!!!

but.....we All will try our best, and develope all ourself in clan boy14

good luck All

Jarl HULK & CO. & Company
Apr 16, 2019, 08:4804/16/19

hy clan boy14 !!!!!!!!!!!

we need especially a lot of GOLD Plarium Vikings !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gold Gold and................GOLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes yes yes..... GO GO GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go All For the GOLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 30, 2019, 07:3604/30/19

Hy All Vikings Plarium Players & Gamers,

Active good Players (especially that plays on POP Place of Power in 227 Ramistervag Kingdom) are All Welcome to join our Clan boy14 in 227 Ramistervag Kingdom - coordinates x: 227 y:488 Clan Castle Universes !!!!!!!!!!!!!! just come into us clan..............good luck............

Jarl Yasmin Astrid Joenna

Clan boy14 in 227 Ramistervag

May 1, 2019, 00:0705/01/19
Bit of advice.....never raise troops only retrain and heal. Raising troops costs way too much gold. Training troops is big points for cvc as well.
May 8, 2019, 10:3305/08/19

Nils said:

Bit of advice.....never raise troops only retrain and heal. Raising troops costs way too much gold. Training troops is big points for cvc as well.

Hy Nils,

Thank you very much for that Advice. We do anything, training, raising, healing Troops......but sure......any Advice is Welcome here, especially when we find new ways that dont cost us so much of Gold vikings, and when we can earn More and More Points in battles cvc and kvk. 

We have nearly Problems of Getting a big Bunch of a lot many GOLD Offerts to buy it from the Plarium Bank, less cheaper Gold we need.....but a lot of them.

we will see in future how will develope the offerts from plarium bank, by Gold and Troops. by the way, in past we could can also buy Troops any kind T7 Troops too. but in last time our plarium vikings Bank didnt offer us more to buy Troops. thats not so good thing, because Troops you get in 200 Millions Troops around T7 this the way to take POP Place of Power and rising our Influence on Global Rank Positions. 

The Problems of us in 227 Ramistervag kingdom is that we need for each 24 hours holding POP around 200 Millions T7 Troops, because we have thousands of Attacks from a lot Players rank level 35 with VIP 30 and knowledges and technologys ready and they have also theyr 300 Millions Troops T7 allready to Attack or taking POP bullshit Place of Power anytime. just shit Gold and Millions of Gold vikings.....heal them again.....raise and train Troops....T7.....a lot of work and a lot of investing real Money.....for sure, some of them nevermind rising influence to 3 or 5 Trillions Points......nevermind.......bullshit........!!!!!

We clan boy14 in 227 Ramistervag, are waiting again for YOUR Advices and news and new informations of secret knowledges Any Time, its welcome.

Thanks and bye for now

Jarl Spider from clan boy14

clan boy14 in 227 Ramistervag Kingdom x: 227 y: 488

May 9, 2019, 03:3505/09/19
You might want to work put an agreement to share the pop. If not it could be cheaper to move to a kingdom with few players.
May 19, 2019, 10:1805/19/19

Nils said:

You might want to work put an agreement to share the pop. If not it could be cheaper to move to a kingdom with few players.

Hy Nils,

how are you? we all hope you´re well and glarious at your Vikings Plarium Gaming.

.....yes for sure....our 227 Ramistervag Kingdom its here not a Easy Thing to hold for too Long Time the POP Place of Power , we have here a Bunch of good Players Level 35 with VIP level 30 and they all owe around 200 Millions Troops T6 or T7. thats also the thing why you can have so much influence, training so much Troops T7 especially then all will have 1 Billion of influence.

so.....our 227 Ramistervag kingdom POP is hard to Fight for it, and hard to hold, after 24 hours of holding POP the clan bosses only get around 50 to 100 Millions of Silver, thats all, Silver that anyone can buy much cheaper for maybe 5 us Dollars or 5 Euros from Plarium Bank directly, they will give you from Plarium Bank for 5 Dollars or Euros 1000 thousands of Billions cheap Silver you dont know what to do with it, and they ll put it in your store account.

The problem in Vikings is the GOLD !!! The precious plarium vikings GOLD is very hard to get it !!! and the Gold is expensive also in buying gold from plarium vikings BANK !!! this gold anyone need for developing themself and theyr clan and doing new Technologys and new Millitary Knowledges. and you need Millions of GOLD for paying the Asen Gods of Wikinger vikings to rise your influence to Billions points !!!!

Thanks Nils,

and bye for now.....

by the way...which kingdom are you from? your x and y coordinates? we just wanted take a Look to your citys there and clan.


clan boy14 in 227 Ramistervag Kingdom - clanCastle UNIVERSES x : 227 y: 488

May 26, 2019, 09:3705/26/19

Hy Everybody !

whats up? whats new thise Days...????

Greetings to Jarl boy14loli - good work so far boy....kisses...- and greetings also to Jarl Yasmine Astrid Joenna - girly jarl just develope your city to higher Levels and Train Troops especially T6 and T7.....!!!!

from time to time we take POP Place of Power of 227 Ramistervag Kingdom, thanks to our Billionaires Jarls and Managers Step 3 III and Step 4 IV clan Members. !!!! Good work so far boys & girls!

in Future we need More New Stronghold Universes Millitary Technologys. !!! This will make All our clan boy14 Fighters stronger in all Fights and they can so kill more Troops T6 and T7 especially, also by POP !!!

we All work on earning the Plarium Vikings GOLD especially for doing Ready a lot clan Orders to get the points for Stronghold UNIVERSES Scrolls. this SH Scrolls we need many thousands of them to build and research new knowledges and doing Ready our New Millitary Stronghold Universes Technologys !!!!! Jarls just check in SH the House of Shamans !!! - which technologys and knowledges are allways Ready and which Technologys we All need to do Better !!!!

Good Luck and bye for now

Jarl Hulk - Yedi Fighters - Star Wars - Batman - Vikings Warriors !!!

clan boy14 in 227 Ramistervag Kingdom - coordinates x: 227 y: 488

May 30, 2019, 08:5305/30/19

we´ve got some good weeks of playing vikings with making a lot points......but now it´s going "Easy Going" much lesser chilling around and a lot of Bullshit.

But: Allways looking for the Plarium vikings GOLD GOLD GOLD yessss.......clan boy14 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so maybe in Future we can Manage again the Billionaires Point makers and Fighters vikings on POP Place of Power, especially in 227 Ramistervag kingdom !!!!

till then, we allways will work on new Millitary Stronghold Universes Technologys and knowledges, just check shaman building of SH UNIVERSES !!!

bye bye for now, and maybe see you later.............

clan boy14 in 227 Ramistervag kingdom, coordinates x: 227 y: 488

Jarl: *****boy14loli*****

Jul 14, 2019, 17:5707/14/19

Hy Vikings,

hy boys & girls! & gamers,

we, clan boy14 , are back home from Stuttgart city. it was great time, and we want by this way send our Greetings to Angelo Kelly & Family......Angelo, your irish heart concert 2019 was pretty great. see you next time on singers Tour.......just if anyone want take a look to Youtube or Google channels - google boy14loli vids stuff, stuttgart germany citys angelo and kelly familys also are there.

bye see you next time.....

p.s.: clan boy14 is Welcome you all to join us. its now again open clan, open Membership for all.

clan boy14 in 227 Ramistervag kingdom

Jarl Spiderman Yedi & Co.

Aug 15, 2019, 20:4408/15/19

hy Plarium vikings,

hy boys & Girls! & Players & Gamers,

.....Your Boy Jarl Vikings Travelling to Plarium Vikings World Global Games Players & Gamers Communitys ! ......

Lol....and good Luck to you All....dont forguet our clan boy14 and just lets play together on 227 Ramistervag POP Place of Power !!!!

bye bye for now........clan boy14 in 227 Ramistervag kingdom


Sep 10, 2019, 10:0109/10/19


short Message to All: 

We are and call now clan boy18

(because of some Missunderstooding bullshit Meanings Things from some Monkeys bullshit Peoples)


Nov 12, 2019, 21:3111/12/19

hy All,

we All Players & Gamers in Our great clan boy18 from 227 Ramistervag kingdom are working now on level 4 Stronghold Festung clan castle Universes. We hope soon to get this Level 4 for our Stronghold Universes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we saw that Plarium Vikings nearly every Day and Week do New Game vikings Updates and New Programmations a lot. we will try to go Forward with theyr Plarium Vikings New Features & Updates & Theyr new Game vikings Programmations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we also are allways again waiting for New Offerts from Plarium vikings Bank about 50 Millions Gold around and to buy around 5000 Strongholds Boossters 7 days, & Co. offerts we need. but the most we need is the Bank Plarium GOLD in Billions offerts of GOLD Vikings Plarium (please for less low prices plarium in Euros or US Dollars) . Real Money is allways very knapp / hard to get !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Real Money euros dollars are allways hard to have them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we will see in Future...............

They in plarium vikings did also some new programmations and updates about New Features that we now dont understand so much, but in time we will see........also we try doing our best in the new programmations of clan vs clan cvc battles & kingdom battles kvk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We All from clan boy18 clan castle Universes send here our Greetings and good Luck to All our clan Members, Alien Manta, Hulk, Yedis, Star wars, Spiderman, Batman, Yasmin Astrid Joenna, Thunder Dolls, & Co. boy18alexbenny - Ex boy14loli !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Luck in Future in our Plarium vikings Game......and enjoy with...........:::::::::::

clan castle Universes - clan boy18 in 227 Ramistervag kingdom - coordinates x: 227 y: 488

Jarl: *****boy18alexbenny*****

P.S.: bye bye and see you soon......

Jun 10, 2020, 23:2506/10/20

Hy Plarium Vikings Players & Gamers,

how are You All ??? All is Working Well we Hope....?????

Our clan boy18 Clan Castle UNIVERSES Stronghold SH in 227 Ramistervag Kingdom is still waiting for You All

Rising Higher and Higher to Upper Levels of Plarium Vikings and Earn Together More & More POINTS !!! 

Points of Any Influences or Troops T6 & T7 POINTS !!!!

We Need Right Now and next Months make some Updates in Our Plarium Vikings Game, .......

......for Example : Getting New Technologys, Levels 35 and VIP 40 for All Our Castles and Citys Tiles......

........ we need also to Upgrade Our Stronghold UNIVERSES to Level 4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plarium : !!! We Need to Get from Your Bank More & More Billions of GOLD Vikings !!!! we hope getting soon some Good Real Interesants Offerts from Your Plarium Vikings BANK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We always Need Billions of Plarium Vikings GOLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOLD on Mass !!!!!!! Waiting for your cheaper offerts, because like in Past....the Real Dollars and Euros from BankCards are not so Much Real Money available, yes that sucks and its bad Thing sometimes, we all know that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will see in Future how it will develope.

GOLD !!! GOLD !!! GOLD & More GOLD !!!!!!!!!!!!

See You Maybe Next Time.......

Good Luck & dont Forguet to Join clan boy18 in 227 Ramistervag Kingdom !!!!!!!!!!!!

Bye Bye for Now........and Good Luck !!!

Jarl : boy18alexbenny & Co. clan boy18 & SH UNIVERSES !!!