Shaman's knowledge

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14 February, 2018, 9:22 AM UTC

I sure, you've seen three the most important war knowledge:

- Shaman's Influence on Enemy Troop Offense

- Shaman's Influence on Enemy Troop Defense

- Shaman's Influence on Enemy Troop Health

This three knowledge with the max upgrade will give you 20% each. You needed 23 oracle and a lot rss for this. Don't forget for using this bonuses shaman should be in the march.

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14 February, 2018, 2:02 PM UTC

Per Viking Helper it cost 33.56 B in each resource and 91.96 B in silver, less whatever knowledge cost decreases you may have.  This from starting at the beginning of shaman knowledge.

These 3 knowledge types in the invader tree starting after completing Invader lv6, it would cost 38.85 B in each rss and 69.85 in silver and you would max out at 50%.  You would also need oracle lv 31.

If you want only 28% in these 3 knowledge types it would only cost you 5.6 B in each rss and 8.68 B in silver in the invader tree and you would need a lv 29 oracle.

So if you want these knowledge types research them first in the Invader tree before the shaman tree.

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18 February, 2018, 7:00 PM UTC
Does anyone know how I reach stage 4 of Inga the wise, when its not in clan store or on a bank offer like it is with Baggi the big? All knowledge done. for shaman and still at stage 3.
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