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Vikings War of Clans - Seasons

Vikings War of Clans - Seasons

Jun 19, 2021, 20:4406/19/21

Vikings War of Clans - Seasons

Vikings War of Clans - Seasons

Collecting Runic Coins


I have to credit the developers for not including Runic Coins in packages - at least from what I’ve seen so far. I hope they keep it that way. Mind you, players already and will continue to pay for items to get further in events and will get more Runic Coins as rewards.

That’s not always a bad thing since clan members who do so to gain more of these coins in clan events will benefit all clan members who participate.

Pay attention to events

Collecting Runic Coins is pretty easy right from the start. You may have collected them already from events and not even realize it.

Always try to gain at least a few levels in personal events that give Runic Coins.

Put more effort where personal and clan events overlap. If one has started and another will start sometime later and overlap, wait til the second opens to get more benefit from your effort.

If you hit a period with little time to play, try to log on once per day to see the clan events and do at least the effort needed to participate. It’s not shameful to benefit from clan members as long as you can expend extra effort at other times. Other clan members may benefit from your effort at times too.

Watch for contests

You can get Runic Coins from contests. Check either the in game News from the Menu or the Platium Play control screen regularly. Some contests are quite easy and others require some effort and the rewards can be quite, well… rewarding.

Often the winners are chosen randomly and require little effort.

Seasonal Store

Where to find it

I was quite annoyed at this. I went into the game one day and saw something about Seasons and gave it a cursory glance. When I needed to find the Seasonal Store, it took quite a while to find it.

The Plarium Guides were no help and I found no mention in-game or on the Menu.

I finally found it by going to Events. There was a section at the top for the current Season. I clicked that and saw how many coins I have plus a tab for the Seasonal Store.

What to buy

This is from my perspective. I have a level 28 Palace, so most of my effort has been to level up. I had just started building level 29 and the time was 400 weeks. NOTE: if I knew what I could buy, I would have put on my building bonus gear and started a building speed up.

There were 2 choices with building boosts:

7 day boost for 160 Runic Coins

1 coffret of boosts for 20k Runic Coins

By far the coffret gives the most boost and since you can apply many at once, it’s no issue to use the 8 hour and 15 hour boosts quickly.


Most, if not all, of these tips are good in general, but can be applied to Runic Coins. I hope Plarium decides to keep them from purchasable packages in the Bank.  

Jun 20, 2021, 17:3306/20/21
Oct 28, 2021, 07:19(edited)

correction: 1 coffret of boosts for 20k Runic Coins 

*** thanks KROW - I made the edit :)

Jun 20, 2021, 22:5806/20/21

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