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What to do when Stongest clan starts war?

What to do when Stongest clan starts war?

Sep 21, 2019, 19:4609/21/19

What to do when Stongest clan starts war?

No seriously the strongest clan in my kingdom  #755 started a war (against their own clan rules). As a F2P I can't farm to level up also I can't drakkar out to another kingdom.
Sep 22, 2019, 01:2709/22/19

I would be in no hurry to go anywhere, even if I could, it could fizzle out, and moving gives you no guarantee that a new kingdom will be any better.

You will probably find that conditions can be, or are pretty much the same in most, if not all kingdoms.

Its not impossible to yield from tiles when there is a chance you will be hit.just more tricky,and you still have your town supplies.

Sep 23, 2019, 17:0209/23/19

1. Work to have the other Clans join forces to combat this evil...

2. Become strong enough to fight them...

You cannot battle strength without strength of your own...but those that want to fight miss the intent of the a microcosm of life, you can point out that this game has become a battle of Kingdoms and no longer is a battle between Clans (Evolution)...become the diplomat that convinces warriors, the earnings are better if they don't kill off their own Kingdom...and there are other strengths to concentrate on...

1. Making your own Clan more cohesive and capable in other areas (make the game interesting to less seasoned players)...

2. Making yourself an authority on game so your wisdom, eventually, trumps (ugh) their aggression

There is much that can be accomplished in a land where evil men and women run amok...