for begginners a little explanation for the good

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18 April, 2019, 9:18 AM UTC

The new comers should game just for fun should not use abusive language , dont take anything serious such as defence failed or any other loss. First of all join a clan of your own language it will help u to upgrade faster . IN clan choose any of the resources such as food,silver,wood,iron and stone for hyper farming ( producing anyone of the rss). make friends in the clan and score in events. Guyz keep your focus at upgrading knowledge and buildings dont go towards troops too soon or till u get much boosts to use them. For attack or defence by troops u should have equipments u can forge in the forge and u should chose any of the troops melee,ranged,siege,cavalry and killer for particular and u will do everything for it such as forging equipment according to ur troops and dont forget to use skill u can put on various things in hero abode.

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