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13 March, 2019, 6:56 AM UTC

 Today somebody message me with very kind words which I was very surprised usually it's you suck or somthing  about my writings  and such,, it touched  my heart  so I Decided to write something today ,, i have  been a defensive player by joining traps ever since I started six years ago I have tested so many different kinds of ideas ,, it's really tough to get somebody to do a solo attack ,  now I may be all over the place a little bit but do your best ,, now if you're Looking for somebody to solo attack you trap you need to con them into doing it,,  it's a big con game traps ,  you need to make sure your time is at least six hours on the town ,Since I have my trap on a separate phone I just keep it on I will start the onslaught and just leave it out you don't need to shut it off then it will say six hours at the beginning of the event ,,so when the event starts  you can activate your big boosts and the time will look like your not there ,,The first thing that u need is the most important inga shamen,, She has infirmary capacity three skills you don't even need to get her to 60 but 60 is great you can still heal a lot at 40 charms,, with ulf  I can heal 3 million with Inga 8 mil ,, Now by using her it will sacrifice 100% of your offensive power  but it's worth it because of the healing capabilities  and you are still strong switching to your other shaman to try to be extra strong is not worth it trust me I've tried it the healing is better ,, I have healed almost 1,000,000,000 there I have had people lose their entire armys just single attacking it thinking they were getting through but they were not because I was just healing over and over ,,,  OK let's say you have a 7 billion town and you can heal 3 million  ,,  make 3 million t2 -- I would not  make any tear 1   ,,Why because when they test it the% will usually be even   and we want it to favor them so if they hit tier 2 on their test it will ,, Yes you're going to lose 20 million influence but you have to lose something to gain something ,,  One way of doing it is put yourself in Invader gear   they drop next to you they test attack the numbers will be huge them  thinking that they are all your troops in invader gesr ,  after the test quick switch to your normal gear  everybody tests now ,,,Six hours before the event started you started the on slot so I would have your big guys put t4-4 million  ---t5 ---4 million ----t6  one million but not to many t6 its a con game  so now your town is unbeatable in a solo attack  you need to mess around with this yourself those are all just ballpark numbers and make sure nobody sends this is very important has been driving me crazy throughout the years no tear one or two because it will read zero percentages when they test it ,,,, now if they're going to onslaught it You have basically 3 to 5 minutes on an average basis so if you're trap let's say was in the middle of your hive with towns all around it have other people join the os with big  boys but be fast they have spied allready so they will think they know the number in there  ,,one thing I've always wanted to try  a half hour before the match have Marches going to nowhere over the trap town so that way there's tracks all over your hive they won't see you switching or joining because there's tracks everywhere ,,   i would even have the guys that are in there leave what's in there and just have a couple more people join it they will never see them join ,, especially with tracks everywhere ,,, once you get to where you can heal 8 million or so these solo traps are  tough  you'll become only a  os trap  but  doing that and be able to heal 8 mil is  a huge benefit   A lot of extra meat for them to get through  Whatever troop you have done in the citadel and 1-5 learnings  that's the troop you want to make ,,don't even make a tier 5 if you're learnings  are not done in both of those areas ,,,  So healing is the number one thing I hope you learned here Yes you're training will become slower but not as bad as you think and as long as you don't do any offense you will never have to make troops  again if you can heal 8 million make 11 because 20% never die and all of them will be alive for the next time you make a trap ,,  so basically I just wanted to give you the basics of a trap design and what shamen to use ,, ok hope it helps 

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