Forging Items: All Hero, Shaman, Invader, and Standard Equipment Proguide

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20 December, 2018, 11:21 PM UTC

I created a spreadsheet that should help you build the equipment you need. I made it to need minimal input from the user (basically only materials).

You can find out exactly what you need with a brief glance. There are tabs at the bottom for Hero, Shaman, Invader, and Standard Equipment. There's even an "All Items" tab in case you need to find an item and your progress towards that item.

If you want to edit this for your own use, you will need to click "File -> Make a copy"--I highly suggest you do this. My current materials are loaded into the "Materials" tab to give you an idea for how it works.

More features are planned, such as typing in an item and seeing all the invaders that you need to destroy to get that item. Let me know what you think! I'm always open to suggestions for improving this list.

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