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9 May, 2018, 10:14 PM UTC

You can easily check your overall construction or research speed bonuses at your palace (statistics -> economic -> general info).

But if you do your calculation with this value, you will not get the right results. That is why some of the bonuses act as a construction/research acceleration, others shorten the construction or research time and the third category which can reduce your

construction or research time is not even listed there.

Category A: These speed up bonuses accelerates, as the name implies, the construction or the research.

The following bonuses belong to category A: hero skills (Building I+II, Research I+II), hero equipment bonuses,

knowledge (Building I+II), shaman skills/powers and the oracle bonus.

Table 1: Effect of category A bonuses (example: construction time of 100 h)

special fact: The effect weakens with each additional percent.

(saved time for the first 100 %: 50 h; saved time for the second 100%: 16,6 h; saved time for the third 100%: 8,4 h)

Category B: These bonuses work as a time reduction.

The following bonuses belong to category B: town skin (up to 10%), daily bonus (10%), bonus for winning kvk or kvk revenge (10%),

building/research booster (up to 35%)

Table 2: Effect of category B bonuses (example: construction time of 100 h)

special fact: No weakening. Each additional percent has the same impact as the first. That is why you want to get as much as

possible of the category B bonuses.

Categorie C: The "Help your clansmen" bonus

It works like category B, but will be calculated afterwards. Otherwise it would be possible to reduce the construction

or research time to 0 with this additional boost.

The maximum amount of "help" you can get for each construction or research depends on your palace level (palace level +4).

Example 1: Construction time without bonuses: 100 h

Category A: knowledge, hero skills and hero equipment: 300% building speed bonus -> factor: 0,25

Categroy B: kvk bonus and town skin: 20% -> factor: 0,8

Category C: palace level 21 (up to 25% additional building speed bonus) -> factor: 0,75

100 h x 0,25 x 0,8 x 0,75 = 15 h

Example 2: Construction time without bonuses: 100 h

Maybe you can not afford any legendary equipment right now. But by raising the category B bonus you can compensate for that.

(equipment now just unusual, 2 Victors Bracelet)

Category A: knowledge, hero skills and hero equipment: 220,8% building speed bonus -> factor: 0,312

Category B: kvk bonus, town skin and building speed boost 30%: 50% building speed bonus -> factor: 0,5

Category C: palace level 21 (up to 25% additional building speed bonus) -> factor: 0,75

100 h x 0,312 x 0,5 x 0,75 = 11,7 h

I recommend to use the category C bonus completely, for very long construction and research times.

In order to take advantage of the category b boost, you can build buildings with a shorter construction time, which do not depend on

the category c bonus, first and start the building with the longest construction time just before the end of the category b boost.

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16 July, 2018, 12:02 AM UTC
I can't stop laughing it's better than crying I have spent 100s of dollars on this game and it's still gonna take 37 weeks to upgrade lvl 5 warriors each one 37 weeks or spend lots of money buying boosts palarium you are shamelessly taking my money shame on you
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13 August, 2018, 10:34 AM UTC

Means, if I have 609% of category A, and 90% of category B (including repute there), I get a 0.014... factor ?

category A 609% -> 0.14 factor

category B 90% -> 0.1 factor

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11 September, 2018, 9:44 AM UTC

I did not test the repute, but I do not think it is a category B bonus. I think the maximum possible bonus in category B is 65%, otherwise it would be too powerful.

If we add the 25% of the repute to category A, we get a factor of 0.136 for the 634%.

If your palace is lvl 31, then you can get an additional factor in category C in the range of 0.99 to 0.66.

An initial research period of 100 weeks should be reduced to 3.14 weeks with the 3 factors 0.136 / 0.35 / 0.66.

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11 February, 2019, 11:03 AM UTC
very nice ... and the stronghold repute works like equipment so is category A ...
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11 February, 2019, 11:07 AM UTC
Also category C ... that counts after category A and B ... so unless you have 0% on those you would never get 25% ... much, much less if you have a lot of category A and B reduction ... you get 1% for each help and that 1% is on what time is currently there at the current time of the help ... so every help gives you a little bit less help ... since every help reduces the time some ... that is one reason you don't want to start boosting your upgrade to be complete until you get all the helps you anticipate on getting ...
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10 June, 2019, 8:59 PM UTC

Hi guys, 

I tested a formula using the work you have made and come up with something very similar but test proof! It works with every bonus I tried... just missing the Aesir...

Yo are right about the category split, but there is not 2 categories but 4!

CATEGORY A: Repute (Factor A = 0.75 if you have repute or 1 if not)

CATEGORY B: Daily boosts and KVK/Fury win (Factor B = 0.60 if 10% daily bonus + 1st place in Fury)

CATEGORY C: Town Skin and Time boosts (Factor C = 0.55 if beast town skin and 35% for 10 minutes)

CATEGORY D: TOTAL of all other bonus.... to find the Factor D, the formula is:  1 - TOTAL D / (TOTAL D +1) 

So the complete formula is:

ORIGINAL TIME x Factor A x Factor B x Factor C x Factor D

Thrust me, it works at 100%! try with excel, works for knowledge, construction and training... Just need the original time... take a look at!

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11 June, 2019, 4:12 PM UTC
When the person wrote this there was no Aesir ... but you didn't clarify where the Aesir "fits in" ... :)
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17 July, 2019, 10:28 PM UTC

I didn't because i did not test it... ;)

For what I understand, and the "complains" all around, the Aesir should be calculated in the "category D"
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