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8 May, 2018, 8:33 AM UTC

I will explain which troop types fight first in attacking and defending by giving examples... You are the attacker using melees (having 50% weakness against sieges) and killers (50% strength against sieges) against defender's sieges, your killers will fight first and if they kill 80% of sieges, nothing will happen to your melees, but when you are defending with same melees and killers and attacker attacks with same sieges, your melees will die first. Conclusion : attacker's strongest troops against defender's weakest ones start to fight first. (The queue is for attacker (s)(in onslaught too) 1-50%strength 2-25%strength 3-50% weakness 4-25% weakness 5-same troop type)...  if you join to an onslaught with tier 6 melees against a defender having only melees, your melees will die after 80% of all other types die..and you will be still sharing some of the kills..

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