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How to scale Hero Levels faster.

How to scale Hero Levels faster.

May 3, 2018, 16:4605/03/18

How to scale Hero Levels faster.

Greetings guys,

I have been asked by many players that how to level up hero faster.

Get your hero adobe as higher as possible. That's an important factor for getting higher levels faster.

First for hero less than 40 levels

For them killing invaders or doing tasks is best option. As this range is very easy to achieve. All you need to do is get VIP level to 9 so you can do personal and Clan tasks automatically. Then second thing is to kill invaders but not higher level one as they will cost you more and your knowledge will also be less.

For hero between 40-53

This range is bit difficult to achieve but is easy for you if you have unlocked your level 6 invaders. Kill few of them and get your royal guardsman set ready to kill ubers for higher experience points. But if you don't have those invaders then get few of this equipments in legendary. As this gives hero experience bonus alongside hero adobe.

Fur Hat - 40%

Steppe Caftan - 30%

Kazar's Bow - 22%

Wanderer's Boots - 19.2%

Golden Bracelets - 20%

I have fur hat, set of golden bracelets and steppe caftan. With this and hero adobe at level 23 we can have this method of doing levels faster.

Buy gold pack from bank or get it from events. Then buy chest containing 2*2.5mil book of experience worth 41.2k gold. Then active 24hrs hero experience. And set those equipments on hero and then use one of them and see how much experience you got. I got 24mil experience from just opening 2.5mil book of experience. I had to use 800k gold and got like 960mil experience in total.

For hero above 53

This is bit difficult range. Here you need to do tasks, Thing i mentioned in 2nd range and kill ubers with 24hr hero experience boosts. No special thing for this range as it requires a lot more effort to reach level 60 and yes last 2 levels are total nightmare.

Hope this helps and Thank you for reading.

Peace! :)