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Proguide for Scouts

Proguide for Scouts

May 3, 2018, 13:3805/03/18

Proguide for Scouts

Hello all, today i want to explain about scouts which i personally feel that many players tend to ignore. Scouts in my opinion is the one of the most valuable troop type to have.

What can scouts do? scouts do not take part in the battle when you attack your enemy or when your town is under attack. scouts can only battle scouts and are meant for collecting intelligence about the enemy, and in the process they battle the enemies scouts. benefits of scouts are the following:-

1) If your espionage is successful you can get valuable intelligence about the enemy like amount of resources available for loot, number of troops present inside the enemies town (Even the troops present in mead hall and onslaught are also included).

2) If you espionage is successful another valuable intelligence that you get apart from the above is that you get to know if the enemies hero and shamans are present inside the town at the time of espionage and you get to know the enemies military statistics.

3) Your scouts cannot be seen by the enemy like when they see during under attack. As a matter of fact the enemy doesn't even get a warning that someone is going to scout them. this ability of the scouts right here make them a valuable troop type for sneak attacks.


As i mentioned the enemy does not get a warning when you spy them and the fact that they don't show footprints to others when on march makes them a perfect troop type for sneak attacks. especially on those players who attack and shield fast. If you send normal troops for attack enemy gets a warning and they shield immediately. Many players when attacking use either saracen invader's equipment or a standard equipment set for their troop types or special equipment for their troop type. they also use shamans specific to their troop type while attacking which makes their spies vulnerable, as they cannot take advantage of the hero equipment and the shaman for their spies. this is the best way i have found to catch an enemy without alerting them. while they are busy attacking others you spy them and when they see their reports you leave them speechless. as you can see in the image below (Names and profile pic has been omitted for privacy reasons) even though the enemy has more power compared to the attacker he lost 20 million in influence. the point being that spies can be quite useful against even big enemies. 

Note : you cannot do an onslaught with scouts

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and found this helpful.

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