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Proguide for begginers!

Proguide for begginers!

May 2, 2018, 11:2405/02/18

Proguide for begginers!

Hello, my name is Madd and I am here to present you a beginner guide for all players in this great game of Vikings.

1. Shield

The shield is a very powerful tool and it should be the first thing you learn about in this game. I would recomend starting with a 7 day shield as soon as you can even if you pay money and even if you don't pay money in the game. - You can find shields by going to Items and there are some pretty good packs there too.

2. Knowledge

The first knowledge you want to research is of course the one in the economic tree. Possibly up to Spoils of War I because this makes you yield resources faster , therefore makes it easier for you to get resources. After that you can hop in to military trees or whatever you think is useful. - knowledge is reaserched in the Oracle so you always want to keep it at the same level as you Palace.

3. Army

The biggest noob mistake I made and I am sure others did too , was researching higher tier troops and using them thinking I would have a better chance of winning fights - WRONG. What you want to do is have a cheap and disposable army that you can use to yield resources without fearing you will lose them. Naturally you don't want to move up to higher tier of troops untill you have done research in the army section (see knowledge pointer)

4. Hero and Shaman

Naturally when you start the game you are a complete noob and just want to upgrade stuff faster because well it's what you think you need to do.

First of all , you want to get a shaman as soon as possible so rush to level 12 palace and then worry about other upgrades.

Reason why I say you want to rush a shaman is because that level 1 shaman will be there for you for the following purposes : Runes (sockets for your gear which you can only get from ghosts and you need 1000 fragments to create one so the sooner you can acquire the fragments the better.

Also , the shaman can help you get gold from competitions.

The hero and shaman should be sent out to attack as often as possible in the early game because they give you useful stuff + you get a considerable ammount of xp for them which levels them faster and at each hero level you get gold which is useful early game.

5. Competitions and Clans

You want to get in a clan as fast as possible and also you want to be active and helpful in that clan.

Reason why I say this is not only for the joy of playing with other players but of course you get those nice global competitions and clan competitions that you can complete at the same time as your personal competitions (clan are blue , personal are green and global are red).

This will ensure a nice income of gold which you can use for :

6. Early game gold spending

This might be a controversial topic and I can only say that I was very bad at this in my early stages of the game , using gold to upgrade buildings , knowledge, i basicly threw gold at everything i could.

What you can do and what I instruct all my new clannies to do with the gold from competitions is : 7 day shield (10k gold) + 1 month VIP status (8k gold) + VIP points untill level 13 (as much as you have to spare ) - ALL THIS while trying to keep some gold to revive your cheap level 1 troops.

7. Location

Not everyone knows this and I had to dig around in the forums to find this info but level 1 areas are the slowest in resource yielding!

So what I would do is go to atleast a level 3 area right off the bat because that ensures a relatively short travel time for the hero and shaman when attacking level 1 ghosts and invaders and also because you yield resources much faster than in a level 1 area!

The level of the area gets higher the closer you get to the Place of Power in all kingdoms, think of the map as one big Darts board with the Bullseye being the place of power. ( Shoutout to my man IngSoc here)

9. General Gameplay

Last but not least you want to always have some knowledge in reaserch, some building in construction and warriors in training so you ensure your town is properous and in continuous developement.

That's about it for my guide, by the time you achieve all this I am sure you get a proper grasp or atleast some idea on how the game is played.

Thank you for reading!

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Jul 11, 2019, 04:3707/11/19

I have been playing on and off for 3 days. Most of what you wrote about is unintelligible. 

Where dies the gold for a Shield come from?

What do i do other than upgrading until i have a level 12 Palace?
Jul 11, 2019, 12:0907/11/19

You ask loads of questions in multiple places, asking is good.

Some of the topics you have posted in about learning ,are old posts and things have changed slightly.

There are a lot of conflicting needs in the game, the race to palace 12 is so you can get a Shaman,( a newer feature,) the shaman is a bit like a second hero.