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Mixed hyperfarmer (proguide)

Mixed hyperfarmer (proguide)

May 1, 2018, 11:5705/01/18

Mixed hyperfarmer (proguide)

Hi all,

I created this build in an effort to be as useful as i can to my clan, between fights :). I use it as my default hero set, which of course i switch over when i want to fight, train, learn, build or kill invaders. But that still means it in on 80% of the time.

This is an essential build, that has some serious advantages for the clan you are in:

- everybody can become an active contributor

- most knowledge is a prerequisite for something more important

- it only gets better over time

- everybody can contribute resources even if they cannot gather them effectively

While everybody will tell you that the key is the resource production speed, that is only partially true. The key to the build is:

- "how many hours it takes to reach max capacity" 


- "how many times I login per day"

Except for food there is no point to produce like a madman if you reach capacity in 3h but you login twice per day.Therefore every build should have the following structure:

- Main resource

- Secondary resource

- Silver (double advantage)

- Food (keep positive, unless main resource)

If you ever want to fight, your main resource will NOT be food. For instance my build is:

- Wood (1st)

- Iron (2nd)

- Silver 

- Food just enough to keep on positive, so that you can also gather it.

This is a preferable mix, compared to a single resource build. It makes your build more useful to the clan, and also allows you to focus gathering on 2 missing resources: food + 3rd resource. I recommend that evbdy should build:

- wood-iron-silver 

- stone-iron-silver

This is because iron is very difficult to farm, so having everybody as an iron producer really pays out.

Now, a bit about how to build it. 

First element, the buildings on the right side:

- half of farms on the main rss

- 1 building for 3rd rss (as prerequisite)

- 3 farms (this allowed me to keep food on +, you may get away with 1/2, depending on your troops)

- all the rest on the 2nd rss

Second, the buildings on the left side:

- 1 infirmary

- 4 baracks

- all the rest will be manors

Tip: you can also put 1 barracks, but training may become tedious. For me 4 barracks was the right balance, i can train 25k troops at once => 1w on Tier 5 troops. As my baracks & training got better (invest in knowledge, items and Inga) I gradually reduced to 2 baracks while keeping the same training pace :)

At this point we have the base of our production:

- a production capacity = sum of buildings

- a basic production speed 

- heavily increased training speed (benefit for Trainer)

Next we focus on hero items. I will not give you a fixed list, as it will change over time, as you grow. However, the key points are:

- you want the best food production that you can find. NOTHING is more important

=> less points required on food production

=> less buildings required for food

=> more skill points & buildings available on rss 1+2+silver

- it is amazing how much you can pile up, even from non-special items. I have 3523% food production, and feed 11m troops with 3 farms

- also Biggie boosts this heavily, as well as VIP level

Next we focus on hero skills:

- start by filling prereqs for food consumption, then max out food consumption

- put as many points in food III to stay on positive 

- put as many points in food II to stay on positive

- put as many points in food I to stay on positive

- max out 1st rss lvl III 

- max out 2nd rss lvl III

- max out silver III

- max out 1st rss lvl II

- max out 2nd rss lvl II

- max out silver II

- max out 1st rss lvl I

- max out 2nd rss lvl I

- max out silver I

- max out resource production

You should put no points in anything else except prereqs. Yeld speed and capacity are only temporarily useful, as their impact is severely diminished: they only apply to the march that has the hero! if you reach a number of 8 or even 15 marches the usefulness is already heavily reduced, and those points sit better in rss production speed. You can also compensate by adding gems to the items: food, yield speed, capacity.

Tip: if you are a very small player, you will not reach the lvl III skills quickly. Until then you should max out the skills in reverse order (I II III), you can easily re-cast them later. Use this order when you have enough points to max out the lvl III skills.

Next, focus on economy tree:

- your main target should be to increase the yelding speed (this is for all marches!)

- then increase the supply skills, that boost farm capacity

- the rss production skills act as prerequisites, so you will grow them naturally

- would be nice to focus only on main rss, but it is not possible as they all must reach a certain level  before moving on

Next, boosters:

- always use reduce consumption 25/50% (you get them almost free, if you are an uber killer)

- always use food production 50/100/150%, as you need to stay on plus

=> relieve food requirements

- others only if you login frequently and find capacity not reached

So the final result, you have a build that

- produces 3 rss with high output

- allows you to gather food + the other rss in parallel

- all with very little daily effort


Enjoy :)

Mistborn Angel #k252

User id: 11954195

May 1, 2018, 15:2405/01/18
Good idea for not-so-active players
May 1, 2018, 16:5105/01/18
I love it!👍👍😊
May 1, 2018, 18:3905/01/18
i want 1 mil gold🙈
May 7, 2018, 19:3905/07/18

MistbornAngel said:

Hi all,

I created this build in an effort to be as useful as i can to my clan, between fights :). I use it as my default hero set, which of course i switch over when i want to fight, train, learn, build or kill invaders. But that still means it in on 80% of the time.

somehow, i have do it the other way... i was a hyperfarm who have transform to a warrior...

my main rss is food..i have a 4-4-4 for the other and rest is food

for barraks, i have only 1... good for 7k troop... the silver house are very important for reduce the training time

something important is the capacity problem... cities need to be emptied regulary for keep the production active... for this, it is a good idea to have a secondary account who can be used as bank/hyperfarm too...

As hyperfarm a rss, carefully choose the one in function of your fight speciality... as i say, i was a hyperfarm food and it was too late for change it when i have become a specialist archer... and archer need a lot of wood for training... if i was horse, i will need a lot of stone...

anyway, this is a good tutorial... i have yet 4 cities who are hyperfarming at 100% but now capacity is reach within the hour and i have not the time to be online each hour for empty them... it is a waste... a mixed hyperfarm is better