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Maximize Bonus by hitting Invaders

Maximize Bonus by hitting Invaders

May 1, 2018, 09:4705/01/18

Maximize Bonus by hitting Invaders

Hello Jarls,

Invaders are key to get materials to craft Invader's , Special, Shaman's equipment and even Standard equipment and to get those materials we have to hit invaders and that need Hero's energy.

There are 6 levels of Invaders and each requires different amount of energy to be killed and depends what and which type of material do we need since We purchase Hero energy so It's very important that we save energy and kill invader at same time for that we have to look for some points that will help in getting better rewards, materials and will take less energy to kill so below is the key points we have to work on:

1. If you are gonna purchase Hero energy then better start saving them by working on your Invader Tree first. Try to unlock upto level 6 invader and upgrade all invader knowledge upto level 10. Work on below upgrades that will result in less Hero Energy, Better rewards, and killing invader faster.

1. Hero's Sustained Attack

2. Hero's Offense

3. Energy Depletion

4. Reduced Invader Defense.

Note:  Don't worry about Hero's energy reserve and Energy Restoration that's not much important as above upgrades will result in better of your gaming experience.

2. While setting your Hero Skills Invader tree first try to maximize Sustained attack, Hero's Offense and Energy Depletion. If you have left extra points after maximizing above skill then you can put your points in any of left skills.

3. Get yourself some Invader Gear that you will get by hitting Royal Guardsman and that will help you in increasing Hero's Offense, energy depletion and reduced invader defense.

4. In case of Uber's you can hit them with single attack until your sustained attack reaches +500% or often +555% and then you hit them with Enhanced attack you'll get better rewards than before.

4. If you're looking for some materials from Invader then try your hands at  lvl 6 invader first and hit with single attack until your sustained attack reaches +300% and then you kill with Enhanced attack, in this case Invader will drop better materials with each hit. 

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May 1, 2018, 14:1705/01/18

When we have hero energy depletion bonus then it'll be better in terms of energy usage and bonus..

That will help too... :P