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27 March, 2018, 1:51 PM UTC

Many players do simple mistakes when attack Invaders. I want to post list of tips about it.

First at all we have:

-Hero energy

-Hero attack (Damage, Crit chance, Sustained Attack)

-Invaders (1-6 lvls and Uber)

Here are 2 different variant to play:

  1. Max energy restoration and often be online to spend all energy 
  2. Buy a lot of Hero energy boosts 

Second way more easy and profitably, but i want to look at both.

Too max profit for both tactics we need Royal Guardsmans set and open 6 Invaders. Also Hero Offense boosts will be very helpful.

If we use first tactic we must take this Hero skills at max:

-Hero Energy Restoration

-Hero Total Offense

-Increase Hero Energy

In Oracle we concentrate on this knowledges:

 -Hero Energy Restoration

-Heros Endurance

-Hero Offense

-Hero Energy reserve

And slowly going to 6 Invaders.

We use only Normal attack and trying to save some energy to 1 additional attack when our Attack Series Bonus is going down.

If we use second tactic:

Hero skills :

-Hero Energy Depletion

-Hero offense

-Hero Sustained attack

Oracle :

-Hero Endurance

-Hero Sustained Attack

-Hero Offense

And also going to 6 Invaders.

We attack Invader with Normal Attack before our Attack Series is going max and then using Enhanced Attack.

Main difference between this 2 tactics - At 1 we trying to max restoration and energy limit, at 2 we max depletion to spend our boosts more effective and Sustained Attacks to stack max damage bonus.

To farm any sets, better choice to attack 6 Invader or Uber if the right Invader not in rotation. If we want win in any competition - best choice 1 Invaders, there is max profit at waste Energy vs Competition point. Or if we have very good knowledges - we can take a lot of point from Ubers.

You can use both of these tactics. First when you don't have any Invader competitions, Second when you have it.

Give me some feedback about my guide pls :)

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29 March, 2018, 8:47 AM UTC

You forgot to add: until you are going to seriously farm materials and did not learn all the necessary knowledge, you need to farm the invaders to 2 levels lower than those opened.

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12 July, 2019, 2:08 PM UTC
Rocketman, l am a beginner. None of your guide makes any sense to me. Is this not a topic for beginners? Should I not be thinking about fighting Invaders?
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