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Syncing game accounts

Syncing game accounts

May 5, 2017, 13:3205/05/17

Syncing game accounts

Syncing on

Unfortunately, the account syncing function on is unavailable at the moment. Game progress achieved on cannot be transferred to other platforms.

Please note: when registering on, your Vikings: War of Clans game account on is linked to your account on the forum. So in order to continue the game you have previously started on, you need to log into the portal using the same account details as when you registered.

Syncing the mobile version

You can link your account to the online services of social networks and application stores at any time. This will enable you to save and restore your game progress on a mobile device if necessary.

You can link your account to online services by doing the following:

1. Open Menu and select “Account”

2. Tap the “Link current account” button

3. Select a service and tap “Link”

4. Enter your account details for Facebook or Google Play/Game Center

You can continue playing on another mobile device by restoring your account with the help of the service you’ve previously selected. To do this, you need to:

1. Open Menu and select “Account”

2. Tap the “Restore saved account” button

3. Select the service and tap the “Restore” button

4. Enter your account details for Facebook or Google Play/Game Center

Please note that if your current game progress isn’t linked to an online service, you will lose it forever if you restore a selected game that was previously saved.

Syncing via Facebook

To sync Vikings: War of Clans, you need to:

1. Sync your game progress in the mobile version of Vikings: War of Clans with Facebook (Menu ➝ Account ➝ Link current account ➝ Facebook)

2. Log into the Facebook account your game progress is linked to via any browser

3. Run Vikings: War of Clans via Facebook in your browser:

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