Healed troops vanish

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21 August, 2019, 4:39 AM UTC
Afte returning from jot battle i needed to heal some attack troop chose 900k t3 but after i boosted time they never showed up in infermary,  i restarted game and still no troops , so i healed 1.5 t4 next and they never showed up iether , so after a few Billion rss and 19 weeks of boost i was left with no attack troops zero rss ( jot battle costed 150b rss) ... my ? Is where are my damn troops???
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21 August, 2019, 9:09 AM UTC

You cant spend any resources  or boosts unless they are there in the infirmary

If troops are killed in battle not all of them go to the infirmary .it depends on  game boosts. If they injured in town,they should all be in the infirmary, if you have enough room for them all.

Injured/dead troops are already in the infirmary, if you heal or resurrect them, they should go back to the town barracks.

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