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9 August, 2019, 6:23 AM UTC

I just tried logging into this friggin game, took me 5 times, I want to know why it took so many attempts.

I pay and play and find your service less than satisfactory. I am not happy about the amount of times I have to refresh my game, sometimes 6 or more times within an hour, I am not happy. 

I pay for a service which I am not getting, so here's the deal, fix the issues and I will start paying to play again. If things do not change, you will not another $$$ from me.

I am tired of being ripped off by games. This is your final warning, I will go back to being a free player if you do not start to fix the gaming issues. 1, logging in and not being able to do anything, not being able to claim all clan tasks like other tasks when at the appropriate level. Lagging whilst in the midst of attacks and resetting shields, your lag has cost me my troops 2 times. 

Instead of updating stuff people do not care about, fix the damn game issues.

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