crash game move on map

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11 July, 2019, 10:22 AM UTC


i have since a long time that the game crash when i move on the map.

Firefox, google, Opera Browser. Clear chache, new start.

Nothing help.

Sometimes it not crash. But at the moment after about 2-4 Minutes move on the map.

On Laptop or other pc the same.

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11 July, 2019, 6:21 PM UTC

First let me say that I think that we ought to be able to scroll as much as we like and the game to seldom crash.

Second I wonder if it  is connected somehow to your other post on " shortage of high value tiles!" and a great deal of scrolling in searching several kingdoms  looking for them. 

Yesterday I decided to see if I could find some leftover high value tiles in order to finish the next level of yielding.

I started at the top of the map scrolled to the bottom and in order to return to the top entered the start co-ordinates it immediately crashed, and each time I repeated the exercise   for the next section, the same thing happened again, three times in all, so I gave up.

 I surmised there were no such tiles left, and the searching and crashing was taking up too much time and for little gain.

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